Kenneth J. Holm

aka: KJ Holm, Ken Holm, Kenneth Holm, K. J. Holm
Moby ID: 39540

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Zwift Mobile/PC/ATV/MacOS (Producer)

Kaged iOS/Android (Design/Programming)

7Hive iOS/Android (Design/Programming)

Match3 Kiosk (iOS/Android/PC) (Design/Programming)

Tap Rythmn Kiosk (iOS/Android/PC) (Design/Programming)

Monopoly MacOS (Producer)

NBA Jam MacOS (Producer)

Mirrors Edge SmartTV (Producer)

Tetris Online Playstation Network (Producer)

Need for Speed Nitro NintendoDS (Producer)

Need for Speed Undercover Mobile (Producer)

Yahtzee Mobile (Producer)

Monopoly Mobile (Producer)

Need for Speed Undecover Palm (Producer)

Bejeweled WindowsPhone (Producer)

FIFA13 WindowsPhone (Producer)

Mass Effect WindowsPhone (Producer)

Mirrors Edge WindowsPhone (Producer)

Monopoly Millionaire WindowsPhone (Producer)

NBA Jam WindowsPhone (Producer)

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit WindowsPhone (Producer)

Plants vs Zombies WindowsPhone (Producer)

Real Racing 2 WindowsPhone (Producer)

Risk WindowsPhone (Producer)

Spy Mouse WindowsPhone (Producer)

Tetris Blitz WindowsPhone (Producer)

The Game Of Life WindowsPhone (Producer)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour WindowsPhone (Producer)

Trivial Pursuit WindowsPhone (Producer)

Yahtzee WindowsPhone (Producer)

Zuma's Revenge WindowsPhone (Producer)

Sim3 WindowsPhone (Producer)

Connect4 WindowsPhone (Producer)

Battleship WindowsPhone (Producer)

Monopoly WindowsPhone (Producer)

Spy Mouse WindowsPhone (Producer)

Zumas Revenge WindowsPhone (Producer)

Peggle WindowsPhone (Producer)

Game of Life WindowsPhone (Producer)

Plants vs Zombies WindowsPhone (Producer)

Monopoly Comcast XFinity (Producer)

Real Racing Comcast XFinity (Producer)

NBA Jam Comcast XFinity (Producer)

DeadSpace Comcast XFinity (Producer)

TigerWoods Comcast XFinity (Producer)

Spy Mouse Ziosk (Producer)

Tetris Ziosk (Producer)

The Game Of Life Ziosk (Producer)

Yahtzee Ziosk (Producer)

Zuma's Revenge Ziosk (Producer)

Connect4 Ziosk (Producer)

Battleship Ziosk (Producer)

Monopoly Ziosk (Producer)

Spy Mouse Ziosk (Producer)

Zumas Revenge Ziosk (Producer)

Peggle Ziosk (Producer)

Game of Life Ziosk (Producer)

Plants vs Zombies Ziosk (Producer)

Dilberts Cubicle Chaos Mobile (Design/Tools)

Betty Boop Mobile (Design/Tools)

Katamari Mobile (Design)

The Wolfman Mobile (Design)

Worst Case Scenario Mobile (Design)

Vadims PC (Design)

Stacked w/Daniel Negreanu: PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC (Design/Producer)

Jeopardy: Jakks Plug-n-play (Lead Programmer/ Design)

Disney Princess: Jakks Plug-n-play (Programmer/ Design)

Gladiator:Crimson reign(Unreleased) PS2/XBox (Design/Producer)

Gauntlet Dark Legacy: PS2/XBox/GameCube/Coin-op (Design)

Gauntlet Legends: N64/Dreamcast (Design)

GridShock (Unreleased) PC (Design/Tools)

Galactic Patrol: PC/Mac (Design/Tools)

Kaged- The magic Orbs PC/MAC (Design/Programming)

Alien Race PC- Heat network (Design)

Bronkie Snes/PC (Design, Programming)

Packy & Marlon Snes (Design

Ballz Snes (QA)

Interplanetary Lizards(unreleased) Genesis (Design)

Demolition Man Genesis (Design)

Sylvester & Tweetys cagey capers Genesis (Design)

Credited on 9 games

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Plants vs. Zombies (2011, Android) Producer
Pac-Match Party (2010, Browser) Original Game Concept
Stacked with Daniel Negreanu (2006, PlayStation 2) Design
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (2001, PlayStation 2) Game Design
Gauntlet: Legends (2000, Dreamcast) Game Design
Galactic Patrol (1999, Macintosh) Levels
Packy & Marlon (1995, SNES) Developed by WAVEQUEST
Bronkie The Bronchiasaurus (1994, SNES) Programming
Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers (1994, Genesis) Design Team

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