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Daniel Opitz

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1990: A while after Daniel Opitz's 12th birthday, he programmed for the first time in his life, because his father gave him a paper with a sourcecode for the Atari 800 XL or C-128 (=C-64) home computer.

Then he started programming his first programs in the programming language 'Basic', on the Atari 800 XL and Commodore 128 (=C 64) home computers. For example vocabulary learning programs, and some little 2D-Graphic programs. He had sent his vocabulary learning program to a C-64 Magazine, but unfortunately wasn't able to get it published.

He also did some programming in the Assembler and Machine languages too.

Later, and now on the Personal Computer, he programmed with QBasic and a little with HTML. Even with MIDI in a software sequencer Software he 'programmed' (Music).

2003: He learned the programming languages C and C++. First through distance learning (at the Study Community Darmstadt/SGD), and then through programming, self learning with books/Internet, and more.

He then programmed his first game which was a Tetris clone.

2006: He finished his education as a qualified IT specialist for application development (by Akademie ├ťberlingen), and while doing his internship at a software company in Potsdam (Berlin), he programmed a software application which greatly eased the mass signing of documents.

Because it was not only a childhood dream for him to make a computer game, he privately started to learn at first 2D-graphic programming with DirectX 9.0c. Afterwards, he learned the same for 3D-Graphics.

He programmed his first small game engine 'DOs_DX_Klassen" and some 2D and 3D-graphic programs.

2007/08: Daniel published 3 self-programmed software applications, for example Vocal Generator (German Shareware).

Then he programmed his second game engine: the 'Ghost World 3D Game Engine'. In 2008 he published his first self-made 3D-Game Ghost World 3D v0.9.

In the following years he read, programmed and learned much, and Ghost World 3D and his second game engine grew quite a bit. He published Ghost World 3D v0.91 and later v0.92 for this game.

2015/16: Daniel plans to bring the development for Ghost World 3D to an end, and plans to develop his first commercial 3D-Game.

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Ghost World 3D (2008, Windows) Developed by

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