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The Astrocade was a second-generation home video game console / home computer hybrid.

The console was developed by Midway and announced by parent company Bally in 1977 as the Bally Home Library Computer. It didn't arrive on the market until April 1978 as the Bally Arcade. In 1981 the console was sold to Astrocade and sold briefly as the Bally Computer System, until finally settling for Astrocade until discontinuation in 1983.

The console was designed around a video display chip that was developed to be used for both the home computer and arcade cabinets. The Zilog Z80 processor was used as a CPU. While mostly a console there was also a BASIC programming cartridge and an expansion module called the ZGRASS which turned it into a full computer with keyboard, math co-processor, 32Kb RAM and I/O ports for cassette and floppy disks. The computer could run CP/M as an OS.

There are 29 video games on Bally Astrocade. They were released between the years 1978 and 1983. 13 people from 12 developers and publishers are credited with these titles!

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