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The Heathkit H8 computer was a microcomputer released by Heathkit in November 1977. The computer used an Intel 8080A processor and was sold as a kit for manual assembly. The basic kit didn't include a keyboard, but did include a keypad on the computer case which put them one step ahead of competitors like the Altair 8800 but behind the curve on more popular microcomputers released around the same time such as the Apple II.

The successor Heathkit H89 included a terminal consisting of a monitor with attached keyboard, also sold separately as the Heathkit H19 and compatible with the Heathkit H11.

While the computer also ran the CP/M operating system, games requiring this OS are documented separately.

The computer were later marketed by Zenith Electronics as the Zenith H89.

There are 23 video games on Heath/Zenith H8/H89. They were released between the years 1977 and 1982. 5 people from 10 developers and publishers are credited with these titles!

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