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The Studio II is a second generation console that debuted in January 1977 and was developed and marketed by the American electronics company RCA. Due to an unsuccessful launch it was discontinued a year later. The console uses the COSMAC 1802 CPU and some titles saw a release for both this console and the COSMAC computers. The console had no controllers, but instead featured two keypads on the device itself.

In 1977 in Japan the console was marketed by Toshiba as the Visicom C-100. This version had detachable numpad controllers and also allowed for the controllers to be interchanged with joysticks.

An updated Studio III was prototyped which featured the COSMAC 1802 CPU that allowed for color graphics. It never saw a release in the US but was licensed to Hong Kong manufacturer Conic which marketed it as the MPT-02 in France (Hanimex) and Australia (Soundic). This version of the console also had detachable controllers.

There are 14 video games on RCA Studio II. They were released between the years 1977 and 1978. 6 people from 9 developers and publishers are credited with these titles!

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