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PERSON: Vernon H. Harmon II
Credited on 28 games, including Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.
PERSON: Matthew M. Harmon
Mr. Harmon has been developing games for over 15 years, starting at subLogic Corporation working on Microsoft Flight Simulator. Since then, he has served as lead programmer and technical director on several projects and acted as director of development at Mission Studios Corporation and Velocity...
Credited on 17 games, including JetFighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter.
developer photo PERSON: Matthew C. Harmon
Bonozo LLC - 2011-Present: Development Director Tornado Studios- 2009-2011: Senior Game Programmer TM Media Group Inc.- 2006-2008: Founder Black Ops Entertainment- 2000-2006: Lead Game Programmer Activision- 1994-1995: Senior Game Programmer THQ- 1992-1993: Lead Game Programmer New World...
Credited on 9 games, including Interstate '76.
PERSON: Garamon
Garamon is likely to be Tomohiro Ishimoto who is credited in some Konami titles as Garam.
Credited on 3 games, including Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
PERSON: Dan Harmon
Credited on 6 games, including Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.
PERSON: Keith Harmon
Credited on 22 games, including NASCAR: Kart Racing.
PERSON: John Harmon
Credited on 13 games, including Links LS: 1998 Edition.
PERSON: Matthew Harmon
Credited on 5 games, including Discovery! Seek & Find Adventure.
PERSON: Jack Harmon
Credited on 10 games, including Darksiders II.
PERSON: Dave Harmon
Credited on 9 games, including Byzantine: The Betrayal.
PERSON: Joseph Harmon
Credited on 8 games, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.
PERSON: Mike Harmon
Credited on 43 games, including XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
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