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GROUP: James Pond series
Series of whimsical games, often in the platform genre and often of a British bent, developed by Vectordean and, most importantly, prominently featuring the anthropomorphic fish James Pond as a playable character (the protagonist, generally.)
GROUP: James Bond licensees
This group of games is about Ian Fleming's British secret service James Bond aka Agent 007. The games are from a number of sources (the Bond film series, the original novels, and some even are original Bond adventures. Not all of them are necessarily about Bond, either.) Trivia Canceled 2600...
GROUP: Panel de Pon/Puzzle League games
A series of puzzle games developed by Intelligent Systems. In these games, players move blocks around the game area to make matches. A good example of a Panel de Pon/Puzzle League game is Tetris Attack. Panel de Pon is often shortened to Panepon in Japanese.