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1 game documented: Treehouse Truants.
COMPANY: Kinesoft Software
1 game documented: Gex.
COMPANY: Kingsoft GmbH
98 games documented, including Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds.
COMPANY: Pionesoft
Pionesoft was a a brand founded by Digital Gain, M3 Entertainment and Kawamoto industrial to bring PC adult visual novels to consoles.
6 games documented, including Ōka: Kokoro Kagayakaseru Sakura.
COMPANY: Limesoft
4 games documented, including Julia: Back to the Sweet 60's.
COMPANY: Einsoft
Einsoft was the publishing arm of Tatung Electronics (UK) Ltd., makers of the Einstein computer, similar to Amstrad's Amsoft or Tangerine's (Oric's) Tansoft. It had a close cooperation with Solo Software.
7 games documented, including Chuckie Egg.
COMPANY: Kinesoft Development Corp.
11 games documented, including Earthworm Jim: Special Edition.
COMPANY: Kingsoft Corp.
5 games documented, including Xin Jianxia Qingyuan.
2 games documented, including Super Naughty Maid 2 (NSFW).
PERSON: Anthony Kinest
Credited on Coffee Crisis.
1 game documented: Submarine.
COMPANY: Vinsoft
1 game documented: Laser War.
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