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PERSON: Nintendo Maniac 64
Credited on Metroid: Confrontation.
PERSON: Stephen Mintenko
Credited on Master of Orion.
game cover GAME: Nintendo Land (November 17, 2012)
Wii U (2012)
Nintendo EAD (Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development) is the name for a group of Nintendo internal development teams at Kyoto, Japan. It was called Nintendo R&D4 (Research and Development 4) prior to the release of the SNES in 1989. The group is headed by Shigeru Miyamoto and...
120 games documented, including Super Mario Galaxy.
COMPANY: Nintendo UK
Nintendo's United Kingdom distributor.
229 games documented, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
Nintendo EPD (Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development) is an internal development division of Nintendo. It was created in September 2015 when Nintendo EAD and Nintendo SPD were merged as part of a corporate restructuring.
41 games documented, including Super Mario Odyssey.
52 games documented, including Mario Kart DS.
COMPANY: Nintendo Italia
Italy Nintendo distributor.
81 games documented, including Super Mario Galaxy.
9 games documented, including Daigasso! Band-Brothers.
game cover GAME: Monopoly (October 31, 2017)
AKA: Monopoly para Nintendo Switch, Monopoly per Nintendo Switch, Monopoly für Nintendo Switch, Monopoly for Nintendo Switch, Monopoly pour Nintendo Switch, モノポリー for Nintendo Switch, Monopoly для Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch (2017), Stadia (2020)
game cover GAME: Nintendo Puzzle Collection (February 7, 2003)
AKA: NINTENDO パズルコレクション
GameCube (2003)
game cover GAME: Railway Empire: Nintendo Switch Edition (February 14, 2020)
AKA: レイルウェイ エンパイア Nintendo Switchエディション
Nintendo Switch (2020)
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