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GROUP: Star Trek licensees
This group includes all licensed games based on the Star Trek franchise, which debuted as a television series between 1966 and 1969. Ten more TV series were aired in the following years: Star Trek: The Animated Series (1973-1974), Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994), Star Trek: Deep Space...
GROUP: Star Trek fangames
Denotes all unofficial games that take place in or are based on creator Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe. Official games can be found in the Star Trek licensees group.
GROUP: Star Trek variants
During the 1970s, an ASCII graphic game called "Star Trek" (sometimes refered to as "Star Trek Text Game") began appearing on college mainframes. The game is generally attributed to Mike Mayfield. The goal of this game was to pilot a starship, inputting different coordinates and speed in order...
GROUP: Star Trek Online series
Group for Star Trek Online game versions, DLCs and sequels.
GROUP: Stellar Trek series
GROUP: Snail Trek series
GROUP: Interplay Star Trek adventures
Interplay's Star Trek games of the early 1990s combined classical adventure gameplay with a spaceship simulator.
GROUP: Star Trek: Armada series
GROUP: Star Trek: Bridge Crew
GROUP: Star Trek: Elite Force series
Star Trek: Elite Force is a series of first-person shooters set in the Star Trek universe, more specifically during the sixth season of the TV series Star Trek: Voyager. The protagonist of the games is Ensign Alex Munroe, member and leader of the Hazard Team, an elite security section created to...
GROUP: Star Trek: Starfleet Command series
Denotes the grouping of games that follow the old Star Fleet rules, but in the Star Trek setting.
GROUP: Broomsoft's Space Trek series
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