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Added description to Asterix & Cleopatra · August 5, 2007

Asterix & Cleopatra is a party game based on Asterix & Cleopatra story where Asterix and Obelix are sent from Gaulle to Egypt to help a friend to build a palace for Jules Caesar. Jules Caesar gave a challenge to Cleopatra. He pretends her people have lost their capabilities of building huge and strong monuments they used to build in the past. Cleopatra is upset and promises Caesar to build a palace for him in the next 90 days. Cleopatra select the architect Edifis to build this monument. Without help, he will never be able to make it. Edifis knows Getafix, the druid friend of Asterix and Obelix. He decides to go to Gaulle to ask for help and Getafix goes back to Egypt with his 2 friends to help bringing the magical potion with him.

Asterix & Cleopatra is a party game where the player will have to accept around 20 missions. To accomplish each mission, the player will have to move on the board using a dice. The user has 30 dices to be able to accomplish his missions. If the number of dices reach 0, the game is over. By moving on the board the player will be able to stop on red, blue, pink and orange cells. Orange cells are neutral cells Red cells are maluses (new -1, -2, -3 cells move or additional free dices) Blue cells are bonuses (new +1, +2, +3 cells move or additional free dices) Pink cells are unknown cells, they can hide both good and bad things Green cells are objectives At the end of a mission, when you reach the green point, the player will sometimes be proposed a short mini game that, if he fails will lead him back to the beginning of the mission or to the next mission if he succeeds. Mini games are "game & watch" like mini games: - like rock blocks falling from a boat that you need to knock so that they reach the other part of the screen - jump and run game - match 2 patterns and much more.

Added description to Terminator Revenge · June 10, 2007

Terminator Revenge is an action platform game that takes place in 1984 A.D. where the Earth's military forces seized the remaining parts of the Terminator sent back by Skynet from the future to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the future Earth resistance leader. Intelligence shows that these part were stolen by a band of environmental scientists in 1992, motivated by their result of the scenario analysis. The scientists believe that would this technology remain in wrong hands, it would ultimately lead to the annihilation of man kind. These scientists later joined John Connor and the resistance.

In 2029 A.D. a war between man and machine has laid the world in ruin. Skynet has grown strong by now but is loosing the battle due to the research obtained by the resistance in the past. To prevent this, Skynet sends another Terminator back in the past to set the future back on track.

The player controls this Terminator through platform stages where the goal is to find objects, weapon to progress and finish each level. There are doors to open, objects to collect and characters to kill to finish the game. The protagonist can also crouch and jump.

Added description to IF Reversi · June 10, 2007

IF Reversi is a game that tends to bring some educational things in the gameplay.

You will go through 12 difficulties of gameplay through the ancient ages from the Neanderthal period to ours facing some famous characters like Julius Cesar, Joan of Arc, and Einstein. You will therefore play against each of those character and will earn points depending on the time you spend to defeat them and the number of cells you own at the end of the level. Once you've defeated your current opponent, the next level is unlocked and you can progress in your adventure and reach an age closer to ours.

Along with the adventure mode, you will be able to play 2 other game modes:

  • Quick-game that will allow you to face any already faced opponent.
  • Challenge mode where you will be able to play one of the 4 difficulty level in 16 pre-generated maps in which you will have to win a specific match.

Along with this mode you will have a totally random mode that will allow you to play in random situations with a randomly filled board. The goal will still be to defeat the opponent by having more cells than him at the end of the game.

Added description to Monkey Business · June 10, 2007

Monkey Business is a puzzle game where you will have to help three little monkeys to collect as many bananas as they can. You will be working for Banana corps to collect the bananas that will be sent all over the world. At the beginning of each level, yellow, orange, pink, green, blue and red coin will be placed all over the gameplay area and you will have to clear it up using new coins that monkeys will drop from the top of the screen. The goal is to make lines of four or more of the same color coins so they transform themselves into bananas that will automatically be collected. Some special objects can also be placed in the level since the beginning and will disturb you during the game. For instance:

* Bananas can match with whatever you want.

* Rocks that will match with nothing.

* Wood blocks that will get destroyed when destroying coins around.

* Crystals will turn all the close coin to the color of the crystal.

* Multicolor coins will match with every possible color.

To move you will use the 4 and 6 button (left and right) and you will use the 2 and 8 (up and down) buttons to turn the current coin pattern about to be dropped. When your selection is made, drop the coins using 5 button.

Added description to Neopets Mobile · October 26, 2006

Neopets Mobile is not a standalone game, but an extension of the online community, where you can create or adopt a pet, and then look after it. This game allows you to continue playing through your cellphone when you are not behind your computer, making it the first full W2W (Wireless-to-Web) application.

The pets need to be fed and you can buy, trade or sell items. By downloading your pet data on your mobile, you can continue playing. The game is shown on a small part of Neopia, the world where Neopets live - a location you cannot access from the web. This location is Lutari Island where inhabitants all wear beautiful colors. On Lutari you still have access to shops, bank, training school, Bog of Charity and a lot of other locations that allow you to buy all the items your neopet will need to live correctly.

Along with the application, 2 mini-games are included, providing neopoints needed to buy items. The first, Lutari Race, is a jump-and-run game where you need to avoid objects and collect bonuses. The second, Blockstravaganza, is a Bejeweled clone. Depending on your performances you will earn more or less neopoints.

All users carry an empty Lutari talisman. By visiting certain pages on the site, you can collect beads for it. Neopets Mobile extends this feature by providing beads if you refer other users to this mobile version.

Added description to IF Ping Pong · October 26, 2006

IF Ping Pong is a game where you will be playing a ping pong championship. Select your champion (in a list of 12 characters) according to his capabilities (strength, stamina, speed) and try to defeat all the new opponents the computer will put in front of you. The game is very simple to play. Press 4 (or left button) to hit the ball to the left, use 6 (or right button) to hit to ball to the right. Try to hit the ball faster and faster to annoy your opponent that will lob, they use the 2 (up button) to smash. As you win matches, and depending on how many points your opponent did, you will win some money that you will be able to spend in upgrades like shoes, new racket, training...

Added description to SexyBreaker Manga · August 25, 2006

SexyBreaker Manga is a Breakout variant in which you will travel around the world to play five levels per location to see an entire background image and collect those images into your gallery. There are a total of 35 levels dispatched in 7 locations.

The game largely sticks to the standard Breakout formula. Break the bricks and clear the level to reach the next level. When being broken, some bricks will drop some bonuses that will help you (or not) to finish the level more quickly. Catch those pills to activate the bonuses. Bonuses are:

  • Large pad

  • Little pad

  • Glue

  • Multiball

  • Rocket

  • 1up

  • Next level

  • Slow ball

Added description to Malibu Ride 2 · August 25, 2006

Malibu Ride 2 is a game where you will participate in powerboat races all over the world. The game is a top-view scrolling game. The gameplay is very simple: Control your boat using 4 and 6 to turn (the acceleration is automatic). You will compete against seven other opponents that you will have to overtake. Finish first each race and move to the next level. The game is composed of 10 races all over the world.

Added description to Sexy Video Poker · August 20, 2006

Sexy Video Poker is a video poker packaged with a detective story. The jewels of a Miami old Lady, owner of a Cabaret, were stolen last night and a young detective is asked to come to solve the robbery. He will have to go into six locations to interview six women that will propose their information against a nice Video Poker. Each time those women have lost too much money they undress until they get naked. Each time you finish a previous location, the access to a new one is unlocked and the story can carry on until you find the thief.

Added description to Fighter Pilot Evolved · August 8, 2006

Fighter Pilot Evolved is a game where you are controlling a plane pushed into a black hole and sending it back to 1914 during World War I. The fighter is followed by old planes trying to shoot him. Avoid their weapons and kill them in order to go from one time period to another. To do so, empty the enemy kill gauge and kill the boss of each level. In the meantime, enemies will throw bonuses that will give you points, beware of catching them. This game is composed of 10 levels and you will face a lot of different enemies from old biplanes to future flying saucers. This game is a Time Pilot clone where you just have to shoot enemies. Use 4 and 6 to rotate your plane. The autofire is on, you have nothing else to do.

Added description to Bomb Squad · August 8, 2006

Bomb Squad is a minesweeper clone. Bombs are randomly introduced on a board of 14x10 cells and you have to find them. Level after level, the number of bombs increase increasing the difficulty of the game each time. This is a puzzle and reflexion game where the goal is to push cells and discover what's behind. If the cell is empty, then the game will discover all the cells around it and so on until there is no more empty cell around. If you discover a number 'x' this means that you have x cells with a bomb around you and you need to be careful not to push a bombed cell otherwise you will loose one life. Use 4, 8, 6 and 2 to move the cursor and 0 to push a cell. Press 5 to put a mark on a specific cell to say that it is bombed. This game created randomly 25 levels with a small story around. You are controlling a bomb squad leader trying to save people all around the city.

Added description to Pikubi 2: Rainbow Attack! · July 30, 2006

Pikubi 2: Rainbow Attack! is the sequel of Pikubi. You are controlling the same big "bubble gum" like bird trying to save the world from alien invasion. But now, Pikubi knows how to fly. This game is a Bubble Bobble like game where the goal is to knock down aliens falling from the sky. Those enemies are a bit special. When they join one with another, they glue themselves and create a new resulting bigger enemy that will require more than one hit to kill. So avoid them from meeting each others or your mission will become more risky. Platforms are placed all over the levels (creating paths for the enemies) and you can use them to climb and pick up bonuses that will fall during each level. Some of them only give points but a special one allow Pikubi to throw flames in front of him. The gameplay is very simple, use 4 and 6 to move left and right, 8 to jump and 5 to punch.

Added description to IF Extreme Ski · February 27, 2006

IF Extreme Ski is a Winter sport game where the goal is to make the most incredible figures to earn as many points as you can. You will face several opponents and will be taught by an old retired guru that will try to make create the champion of the champions. First you will have to jump and will have to follow each indication written on screen to create and link figures one after another. To do so, select a figure to accomplish by pressing 1 button, then follow the keys shown on screen to finish the figure. When the figure is finished you can either wait to prepare landing or carry on with a new figure. Beware not to take too many risks or you may finish your nose in the snow.

Added description to MotoGP · February 19, 2006

In MotoGP you participate in the play the MotoGP championship. Acceleration is automatic, you only need to press left or right, or slow down. The game offers 3 game modes: Quick race (a single race), Time attack (race against the time) and Championship (go through a full championship against opponents). All riders and machines have been licensed.

Added description to Tour De France · February 18, 2006

Be the champion of champion riding your bicycle for the Tour De France, the most famous cycling event in the world. Use the same road that the Tour De France 2005, beat the opponents of all other teams and win the Yellow Jersey.

Tour De France keeps all the competition types of the real event like time trials, team time trials, classic stages and, of course, the mountain stages where your strength will be your only friend. Control your player using up and down to avoid obstacles and catch speed and strength bonuses, press 5 regularly to increase your speed - but manage your strength, if it reaches 0, your player will slow down.

Added description to I.F. Ski Jumping · February 18, 2006

I.F. Ski Jumping is a game where the goal is to become the most famous Ski jumper in the world and beat the biggest champions. You can play one of the 4 different characters with different skills and you will be taught how to jump by an old very famous jumper now retired. He will provide you all the help you need about technique so that you can upgrade your level during each jump. During each phase you will face a new opponent, each time more powerful. The game is pretty simple. Before jumping, control your stress by pressing the ok button when your power gauge reaches the maximum. Then control the player so that he stays on the track (with the keys left and right of the Dpad or 4 and 6). Then press fire at the right time, when the jumper reaches the end of the track. When in the air, control the balance of the player (disturbed by the wind) by pressing left and right, then press 5 to land. After a jump, you will earn points thanks to the distance you did.

Added description to Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life · February 14, 2006

Tomb Raider: Elixir of Life is the last episode of the Tomb Raider trilogy for mobile phones. After retrieving the Osiris Codex and the Cinnabar, Lara is asked to bring them to a strange mansion in the middle of England owned by a mysterious Mr. Drummond. In fact she is going to fall in a trap organized by an already dead man still leaving as a brain inside a strange machine. With the Cinnabar and the Codex he thinks he can restart a real life. Lara will still have to solve puzzles, jump, run and collect objects throughout fifteen levels.

Added description to The Terminator · February 11, 2006

The Terminator is a game where you will have to destroy machines coming to kill you. The plot takes place in the future when Skynet is trying to send a Terminator to the past to kill John Connor during his childhood. Your mission is to destroy his time machine before he begins his travel.

The game is similar to Operation Wolf. Enemies enter the screen either from left, right, top or bottom of the screen. The screen is divided into nine parts (one part for each button of the phone). Press the appropriate button to shoot the target inside that part of the screen. Beware: some enemies require more than a simple shot. Bonuses are falling from the sky (can be points, grenades or life). Pick them up to survive. You can also enter a shop where you can buy special weapons that will allow you to kill enemies faster.

Added description to Celebrity Chic · February 11, 2006

Celebrity Chic is a game with the goal of helping two girls to become celebrities. They will face dangerous situations in front of people already involved in show business. You will have to help them avoid stupid promises. You need to make good decisions by selecting right answers to the questions that are asked. According to each answer you earn more or less celebrity points. The goal is to collect the biggest number of points at the end to become famous.

Added description to Worms · February 11, 2006

This release of Worms is an adaptation of the series made by Team17 for mobile phones.

The player controls two worms and fights against the team of his opponent in a turn-based strategy fashion with Artillery-type combat. Key weapons from the PC releases have been imported as well, including dynamite sticks, bazookas, grenades and cluster bombs. The levels are created randomly on one of four available environment types, with a different result each time.

Added description to Panko · February 9, 2006

Panko is a game where you can control a panda or a koala that needs to put wood blocks on water holes. Each water hole must be covered by a wood block following the principle of the well known Sokoban game. But in this game there is much more. Sometimes the level takes place on ice and moving around becomes much harder. Use 4, 6, 2, 8 to move or the phone navigation d-pad. If a wood block is in front of you it will automatically be pushed one cell ahead of your movement.

Added description to CrazyPet II · February 9, 2006

Control a mouse in a maze full of cats trying to eat it. Crazy Pet 2 is a Pacman clone where the goal is to eat cheese pills. If you eat a big cheese pill, then the mouse will be able to eat the cats but beware, this power only lasts for a few seconds. The game contains 50 levels with 5 different environments. Use 4, 6, 2, 8 to move the mouse or use the navigation DPad.

Added description to Chicago Guns · February 8, 2006

Be the most famous detective in the city of Chicago during the prohibition period and kill all the bandits to free the city from the crime. Chicago Guns is a very simple game where you only see 3 windows in front of you. Shoot the appropriate window when it opens but beware not to shoot innocent people. Use the keys 4, 5 and 6 to shoot left, middle or right windows. The game has 40 levels with bonus stage at level 5, 15, 25 and 35 + boss stages at stage 10, 20, 30 and 40. The game has also 4 different graphic environments.

Added description to Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex · February 6, 2006

Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex is the first episode of a trilogy using the Tomb Raider license. Lara is about to enter a new challenge. An anonymous person gave her the information about a tomb in Egypt where the Osiris Codex is supposedly located. Lara will have to go through fifteen levels of gameplay full of traps, puzzles, objects and enemies. Lara will still have to jump over holes, use her guns, action levers to opens doors.

Added description to Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar · February 5, 2006

Tomb Raider: Quest for Cinnabar is the second opus of Tomb Raider games on mobile phones, starring Lara Croft as the protagonist. The game keeps the original main principle of gameplay in a side view scrolling game where guns, objects to collect and puzzles to solve are still more than present. Control Lara Croft into fifteen levels of gameplay where Lara will still have to jump, climb, use guns, action objects everywhere in order to discover the Cinnabar and return it to England.

Added description to Winter Sports · February 4, 2006

This game is a set of various winter sports games like Snowboarding, Ski jumping, Cross country skiing, Alpine Ski and Biathlon. Follow the instructions during each event by pressing correct buttons when progressing. For instance, for Cross-Country you will have to press 5 button when the speed gauge is reaching the maximum and regularly when the path is normal, press 2 when the path is going up and 8 when it is going down. For ski jumping, press 5 when the gauge is at the maximum before starting, then maintain the player in a correct position so he doesn't fall using 4 and 6. For snowboarding and alpine skiing, press 2 to speed up and use 4 and 6 to turn.

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