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Added description to Descent: Freespace - Darkness Rising · September 7, 2013

Descent: FreeSpace - Darkness Rising is a truncated demo version of Descent: Freespace - The Great War, containing only the first act. It was packed in with specific Dell computers with Microsoft Sidewinder Joysticks.

Added description to Loki: Heroes of Mythology (Limited Collector's Edition) · June 14, 2011

The Collector's Edition includes:

Added description to Women's Murder Club Collection · June 13, 2011

Women's Murder Club Collection contains the individual point-and-click adventure games based on the television show of the same name. This package contains:

Added description to Samurai Warriors 2: Empires · November 19, 2009

Samurai Warriors 2: Empires is an expansion to Samurai Warriors 2. It is the third Empires expansion by KOEI, following Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires and Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires. Similar to the other Empires games, it adds turn-based empire-building gameplay to the mix. Although battles are still fought using the same 3rd-person button mashing mechanics that the Samurai Warriors-style games are known for, players now must also choose the battles to maximize the growth of their burgeoning empire in Japan's Warring States era. In the Empire mode there are several historical battles available.

The game also adds two previously unplayable characters, Shibata Katsuie and Sasaki Kojirō, as well as a Create Your Own Character mode.

Added description to Chocolatier · April 4, 2009

Buy a chocolate factory and get to making your own luxury sweets! Chocolatier is a whimsical historical business simulation of chocolate making in the late 1800's. Players have the choice of rescuing a dying chocolate empire in story mode, or building from scratch in free play mode. Gameplay is comprised of two parts, a strategic portion where players make business decisions about purchases, quest for new recipes, and travel the globe; and a minigame portion where newly-discovered chocolates are created.

Added description to Dynasty Warriors: Gundam · November 2, 2008

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam offers the typical hack-and-slash gameplay action from the Koei series, except that instead of Chinese generals, the player pilots Gundam mobile suits from the anime series. The game follow the third-person battle tradition of the Dynasty Warriors series, allowing the player to slice and shoot hundreds of enemy mobile suits per level.

Two different campaigns choices (one following the series history and another being a new original story) are available. Changes to the series include the ability to hover and fly, change suits between battles, and of course, inhabiting the fiction of the Gundam universe.

The PS2 port (Japan only) features new scenarios and mobile suits.

Added description to Samurai Warriors: Xtreme Legends · November 2, 2008

As the inevitable expansion pack for the first Samurai Warriors game, Xtreme Legends adds four new characters, a new campaign, more weapons and items, and gameplay tweaks. Although it can be played standalone, half the point is to replay the original Samurai Warriors for the new content. SW:XL also contains an archive feature, to learn more about the characters and history.

Added description to Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends · July 2, 2008

Just like the other Xtreme expansions in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends adds more weapons, items, and modes into the mix. Choose one of the 42 characters from the original Dynasty Warriors 4 and raise a body count of several thousand soldiers. The game can be played in conjunction with Dynasty Warriors 4, adding new features to the original game, or it can be played through new levels custom-made for each general.

The graphics are slightly improved, there are two new difficulty levels (Beginner and Chaos), and three new game modes: Xtreme, Arena Challenge and Legend. Xtreme offers randomly generated skirmishes. Players can earn points and buy new items. Arena Challenge focuses on one-on-one duals while Legend focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the individual warriors in 42 stages. To play external modes with the new content, the original disc is required. Save data is compatible between the two games.

Added description to Saiyuki: Journey West · January 28, 2008

Saiyuki: Journey West is loosely based on one of the four classical novels of Chinese literature, Journey to the West (Chinese: Xi You Ji) by the 16th century writer Wu Cheng'en. This tactical RPG lets the players take the role of the novel's hero who is also a historical character, the 7th century scholar and Buddhist monk Xuanzang (Japanese pronunciation: Sanzo) and his monster companions, including the famous monkey Sun Wukong (Japanese pronunciation: Son Goku), as they travel to India. The game takes quite a few liberties with the original tale, including allowing the player to change Xuanzang's gender, giving each monster a more powerful "were-" form, and tying each character, save Xuanzang's, to an elemental affinity.

The real meat of the game is the tactical battles, where careful unit placement and use of each monster's unique special abilities determine the outcome of the battle.

Added description to Ping Pals · November 11, 2007

Originally conceived as a Nintendo DS launch title before Pictochat was announced as a packed-in feature of the DS, Ping Pals lets players create an avatar to send chats and doodles wirelessly with their friends. Although only one person needs a Ping Pals cartridge to start the chat, the game uses unlockable clothing and accessories as incentive to purchase their own cartridge and chat away. Have no friends? Ping Pals can even simulate chat with a simple AI chatbot.

Players can purchase items from a store using coins or trade for them with other players. Coins are earned in various ways, including receiving a daily allowance, chatting for a long time, typing special predetermined keywords, and playing minigames.

Added description to Virtual Surgeon: Open Heart · October 27, 2007

Written by Dr. Myo Thant, the brains behind the Life & Death series, Virtual Surgeon takes you from the classroom to the operating table. Choosing technical accuracy and realism over quick thrills, it is nonetheless a multimedia extravaganza of medical information. Featuring full-motion video of your travels through the hospital and instructionals on proper technique, a plethora of reference material, and periodic tests, Virtual Surgeon aims to capture the feeling of actually being in residence. Of course, one couldn't be a surgeon without cutting a few people open, so you will have to deal with patients needing cardiac surgery to progress.

Added description to Strike Fighters: Project 1 · October 25, 2007

Strike Fighters: Project 1 lets the player take off in various fighter jets from the 1960's era, when missile technology could be unreliable, and the pilot who could best handle an in-your-face gunfight had the best chance at coming out on top.

The game sports over 10 different real aircraft from the era, including the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II, F-100 Super Sabre, F-104 Starfighter, and A-4 Skyhawk and is set during a fictional conflict in the Middle East. There are three difficulty levels and a slew of customization options, including determining payload and flight plans, plane skins, and a variety of mission plans.

Added description to PGA Tour 98 · October 21, 2007

EA's highly customizable golf series moves to the Sony Playstation with PGA Tour 98. Players can choose course conditions, whether to use special rules like mulligans, and even how much your caddy will assist with setting up a shot. With commentary by Ernie Johnson Jr., up to four players can play various play modes such as Skins games, Four-ball match play, and Skills Challenge on five real locales. The power and accuracy of ones shot is determined with a timed meter, which can be represented with a traditional vertical bar or a more realistic arcing meter.

Added description to Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage · October 21, 2007

Blending the stealth, RTS, and RPG genres, Industrial Spy has the player leading a team of superspies (Espion Agents, part of the Blitzstrahl corporation) infiltrating various locales like museums, a military installation, and even a German-style castle full of traps. Each of the agents has his own specialties, like computer hacking, rollerblading, handguns, etc.

Gameplay is like a regular real-time strategy game, with the player acting in the role of commander without taking a direct hand in anything. Give the agents orders and try to keep an eye on all of them as they carry them out. Each agent's skills can be upgraded after missions. Keep them out of sight of guards, spring traps on them, or engage them in hand-to-hand or ranged combat.

Added description to Spec Ops: Platinum Collection · July 29, 2007

This is a collection of the first two Spec Ops games and expansions. It contains:

Operation Bravo tweaks the gameplay and AI of Spec Ops II, attempting to fix many of the glitches and bugs of the original. It also adds 25 new missions in jungle, desert, arctic, and urban settings.

Added description to Sim Theme Park (Gold Edition) · July 23, 2007

The Gold version of Sim Theme Park contains everything in the original, as well as extra rides and attractions. Just like the regular version, players can design their own theme park and manage all aspects of the park as a business. They can also tour their own park and get on any ride they set up.

Added description to Muscle Car 3: Illegal Street · July 1, 2007

Muscle Car 3 is a low-budget racing game featuring muscle cars from the 70s. The game builds on its predecessor with 26 cars, 36 courses around the world, and four modes. Players have the option to build a career beginning from an amateur's background, or to play cops-and-speeders as either the cop or the speeder. One can also just drive a single course and race against their best times or a "ghost" version of their best run. The game is built on the Renderware engine.

Added description to Battleship: The Classic Naval Warfare Game · May 6, 2007

This official version of Battleship dresses up the children's game originally made by Milton Bradley. It features hotseat and LAN play, as well as providing cinema scenes to dress up the action. Players can choose from several modes of play, including Classic rules and new variants, such as a Salvo Mode with different types of missiles.

Added description to Backyard Football · May 6, 2007

The original American football entry in the Backyard Sports series, Backyard Football lays the groundwork for kid-friendly football simulation. Not only can kids create players of their own, but they can add child versions of certain NFL stars to their teams using the "Create-A-Player" feature.

Kids play a simplified, 5-on-5 reduction of the sport, with no penalties and power-ups for good plays. Speed is of the essence, as quarters are over in a minute. Features season, Hall of Fame, and exhibition modes.

Backyard Football is the first game in the Backyard Sports series to be licensed by its respective national league.

Added description to Descent II: Vertigo Series · March 18, 2007

An extras pack released after the success of Descent II, Vertigo Series adds 23 missions and, as a bonus, provides some of the music tracks from the original Descent II in Redbook Audio format (plays in a regular CD player). It also comes bundled with the Mission Builder II pack. The new missions have added effects not found in the original as well as creative map and enemy design.

Added description to Cyberbykes: Shadow Racer VR · March 14, 2007

Cyberbykes was one of the earliest 3d games to support VR glasses and graphic resolutions higher than the VGA standard. It also includes network play and an editor.

You control a robotic bike remotely. Blow up the opposition with 15 different weapons while recovering government secrets in a trendy-for-its-time cyberpunk nightmare future setting.

Actual gameplay involves open 3D combat similar to Stellar 7 and Arctic Fox.

Added description to Clue · March 12, 2007

Clue is a full-motion video adaptation of the popular board game of the same name. There are three storylines with four difficulty levels, each with a unique solution making it altogether twelve different mysteries: The Hodded Madonna, Happy Ever After and Deadly Patent.

The movement system, where the player moves the cursor to a portion of the screen and clicks on it to move or turn to that direction is similar to the one found in the The 7th Guest. Inside the rooms the screen switches to a 360º panorama that can be scrolled by moving the cursor to its edges. Clicking on clocks starts a flashback video of what happened on the room before the crime was committed. Clicking on suspects brings up the interrogation screen, where they can be inquired about weapons, their alibis, etc. Clicking on secret passages transports the player to another room. Clicking on the bell calls the butler and the accusation menu, where the player chooses the weapon and the murderer. Afterwards, the butler informs if the player made the right choice. A notebook keeps track of all the information collected, and can be accessed at any time.

Each of the four difficulty levels have a different number of accusations available (3 on the easiest level, 1 on the hardest one). In the easier levels the room positions are fixed, while in the tougher levels they are random.

In each player's turn they can perform two moves, two actions or a action and a move. A move is defined by entering and leaving a room. A action is defined by examining items, interrogating suspects or watching a flashback.

Added description to Chess Mates · March 11, 2007

A chess program aimed at the younger set, Chess Mates is a standard chess program with tutorials and chess puzzles to help kids learn the rules and basic chess strategy. An animated wizard helps teach while floating over an isometric cartoon chess board.

Added description to Apollo 18: The Moon Missions · December 8, 2006

Apollo 18: The Moon Missions is an attempt at creating a realistic simulation of manning an Apollo space trip. The game comes on two disks: a video-heavy orientation section, and a the actual simulation training at Johnson Space Center.

Players will be tested on proper commands and sequence, in hopes that they will move on to the actual Apollo 18 launch. Once on the shuttle, the player will spend most of their time staring at the control panels, putting what they've learned to the test. The simulation is broken up by short arcade sequences, but for the most part is occupied by looking at readouts and buttons.

A heavy emphasis is put on correct procedure, as the game shoots for accuracy over flash. Commands must be precisely entered, in sequence. Mission Control will help the player with staying on track, but players will experience bouts of "radio interference" that will require a good memory.