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About myself:Formerly known as Sheldonist.

Approver on MobyGames (among other things) and apparently the only remaining person on the site who cares about strategies and, to a degree, sports games.


Command & Conquer community member for 8 years, avid gamer for two decades, archivist, associated with more websites than I can realistically manage, and firm believer in old game design philosophies - no shitty DLCs that could've been merged and made as expansions, no microtransactions/lootboxes, and no rushing games just so whiny CEOs can have more limos. I also still prefer having boxed games, because everything digital (including Steam, you Valve fanboy) has a way of disappearing, as it's you know... insubstantial.


"With the current generation of consoles, we've reached or nearly reached the point where graphics aren't going to get much better, so we can all stop rushing to top the last generation's technology and concentrate on making some games with actual depth (...)"

-- Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, "Zero Punctuation: Console Showdown", 29 August 2007