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The Gay Elf

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Member SinceSep 17, 2005
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Location:Tel Aviv, Israel Israel flag
About myself:I have been a gamer since the last 20 years. Started with the Apple IIC and moved to the PC after. Also an avid computer builder and work as a software eng, in a position of a team lead in a start-up company in Israel.

I also collect games; I really like all those great DOS games with cool boxes and big manuals. I believe today's games are mostly shiny plastic. I DO enjoy newer games, there is still gold out there, but I see that the mainstream of gaming is directed to shallow games, to create big revenues from hysterical kids.

Why the "Gay Elf"? I am gay and also love Elves; I think they are really cute. Wish there was another gay elf out there, hello anyone???