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About myself:T I M E L I N E
  • ZX Spectrum -- got my first computer when I was five, still remember some titles, like the Bruce Lee game I only managed to run once with my dad, and because we had a feeling it would never run again, we kept playing it until late at night
  • Amstrad -- switched to new computer which had green or yellow monitor, Samantha Fox poker comes to mind
  • Amiga 500 -- my first girlfriend, and to date best computer ever, and module music rock... games on this computer were so superior to everything on PC on console yet it constantly retained the charm of something... nostalgic, not too new... I've spent the age of LucasArts classic adventures on this computer
  • Amiga 1200 -- it was time for a switch, did have PC 386 w/ B&W monitor for a brief time before it, got to play Wolfenstein 3D and Leisure Suit Larry
  • PC 486 DX2/80 -- switched to PC and to date still prefer it as a computer, never liked Apple's Mac, though I did get MacBook Pro later in 2016 to play old DOS games released on GOG on smaller monitor... playing old games on larger screens just doesn't do them any good
  • PlayStation 2 -- got it to play Silent Hill 2 and MGS2, and it opened my world into consoles, and to date I prefer playing newer games on them... favor Sony, but I kept getting Microsoft's and Nintendo's counterparts as well, with exception of Wii U (too bad, because of some exclusive Project Zero games), plan to stick with only one console starting PS5 era
  • Game Boy Advance SP -- such an amazing gadget and my window into world of handhelds... kinda got it around the same time I got GameCube which came with GBA Player adapter, but it was cooler to play it on a handheld since they are perfect for just before the bedtime, lol... kept up with both Nintendo and Sony handhelds afterward, and finally ended with Switch Like in late 2019 and especially loving it (would never get regular Switch console otherwise, what's the point in having console with same games but so inferior graphics on a large screen TV, but on handheld, it's a whole different charm)
  • PlayStation VR -- missed it on the launch a year earlier, I managed to grab this gadget when it was back in stock, plus it was lighter release so it was a good thing I suppose... my left eyelid is half-closed since my birth, yet I had no trouble experiencing third dimension in VR games just as in real life... it has lots of potential, but they need to make the helmet as light as possible... I also realised no matter how much you know it's not real, playing scary games in VR is beyond my normal ability, realised that after experiencing a brief scare scene that wouldn't make me gasp if seen on TV, but on VR it made me scream like a little girl which obviously disturbed my wife and almost woke up my son :p

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