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atari saboteur


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Member SinceMay 12, 2007
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Location:Krasnoyarsk, Russia Russia flag
About myself:Since I've found the job (frontend web developer, yay), you won't be seeing me here as often as before. But hey, don't hesitate to write if there are something on your mind, I check incoming approvals and PMs several times a day.

Video games and me:

The fun part is, while all friends were enjoying Fallout and Half-Life, I did not. Only years later I've got hooked up on games, beeing able to dive the into the endless worlds of fun.

For me, MobyGames is one of major ways of to explore the VG-world. If there are opportunities to enhance it, I'll try my best. Mostly, that means contributing of Russia related info, like covers, alternative titles or release dates. And sometimes, even new games, but self-expression never was my strong side, so I'd have to work hard. That also means applying my skills to help others, as in user scripts and handy tools.

The other stuff:

Obviously, there are other things I'm interested in: manga, goa trance, and web development (which is my current employment).