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atari breakout

Slawomir Kuczera

E-Mail Address:(private)
Contribution Rating:91 (tied for 2007th; 1 in last year)
Homepage: http://www.staregry.pl
Member SinceOct 09, 2001
# Messages Posted:none
Location:Poland Poland flag
About myself:Hi!

In a few words... I'm amused by modern culture - games (adventure/RPG preferred), movies, some tv shows (sci-fi mostly like Stargate), music etc. Also I'm a perfectionist so I like to know many small details about games f.eg. exact release date (year only is not acceptable ;-), trivia and so on...

Since 1999 i'm deep into "classic" movement which means to play/describe etc. the game I used to play in my youth age, but nevertheless i'm also interested in new games - massive-multiplayer-RPG is sth everyone should like ;-) Now, after 3.5y of leading "Klasyka PC" website, I'm the member of the StareGry.pl crew - future will tell where it will go...

...and yes, I'm from Poland - it's a country in eastern part of European Union. Despite - which is obvious - my homeland culture, I'm also deep with celtic - and btw greetz to Ireland! :)