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Atari Interactive, Inc.


Atari Interactive was founded in 1995 as Hasbro Electronic Entertainment (later Hasbro Interactive in 1996-2000). The company produced children's and casual games based on Hasbro franchises and other high-profile licensees. In January 2001, The company was renamed to Infogrames Interactive as part of it's renaming of the French game development company, but in May 2003, it was also renamed to their current name, Atari Interactive. The company was formerly located in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Also Known As

  • Infogrames Interactive, Inc. (from Jan, 2001 to May, 2003)
  • Hasbro Interactive, Inc. (from 1995 to Jan, 2001)


Company location and contact information (ca 1996):

Hasbro Interactive, Inc.
50 Dunham Road
Beverly, MA 01915-1844
United States
Phone: +1-508-921-3700
Fax: +1-508-921-3704
Technical Support: +1-617-746-2903
Internet: www.hasbro.com

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