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PAN Vision AB


About PAN Vision

PAN Vision is the leading Scandinavian developer and distributor of interactive education and entertainment. PAN Vision is owned by KF Media AB and has a yearly turnover of 450 million SEK. The company was created in 2001 through the merger of PAN Interactive, Vision Park, Levande Böcker and Young Genius.

PAN Vision aims to be the Nordic gatekeeper in distribution of games and video combined with our own publishing activities. The wide range of products for different platforms gives us a unique position in relation to our competitors.

The company's head office is located in Stockholm, where have the Games publishing and sales units and the PAN Vision Corporate Games studio. In Borås we have the sales and marketing units for Film and Video and parts of our administrative personnel. We have sales subsidiaries in Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. In total we have 96 employees.

The KF Media group is owned by the Swedish Cooperative Union and has three major points of interest; bookshops, publishing houses and magazines. The group's turnover is about 1.2 billion SEK and has about 850 employees. By development and acquisitions in strategic areas KF Media wants to build a modern book- and media group where the different areas are integrated and synergies are taken care of, at the same time as the separate companies' own power and years of goodwill are maintained as well as developed.

Source: Selected articles from PAN Vision Official Company Website


Also Known As

  • PAN Interactive (from 1998 to 2001)


Company location and contact information (Jan. 2008):

PAN Vision Games
Box 15200
Stockholm, SE-104 65 Sweden
Company phone: +46 8 597 962 5

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