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The Contra series is a series of sci-fi / futuristic action games that typically feature run 'n gun gameplay. The series plot lines usually involve the alien menace Red Falcon and its' alien forces endangering the Earth in the 27th century and only members of a special forces elite commando team (Bill Rizer and Lance Bean being the main ones) can stop them.

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Selected Covers

Contra ReBirth Wii Front Cover
Front cover for Contra ReBirth
Contra NES Front Cover
Front cover for Contra
Contra: Legacy of War PlayStation Front Cover
Front cover for Contra: Legacy of War
Contra 4 Nintendo DS Front Cover
Front cover for Contra 4

Selected Screenshots

Konami Logo (CGA)
Screenshot from Contra
Screenshot from Contra: Legacy of War
Title screen. With fire and FMV explosions.
Screenshot from Contra 4
Title Screen
Screenshot from Operation C
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