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Hitman series

Group Description

Hitman is a series of games by the Danish developer IO Interactive. The main anti-hero protagonist of the series goes by the name of 47 (sometimes called Agent 47) and is an assassin for a secret organization called the ICA (International Contract Agency). The installments of the series usually involve 47 taking assassination contracts, revealing conspiracies in the process, and finding out more about his own past.

The gameplay in most installments involves a combination of violence and stealth, and often there are multiple paths the protagonist can follow before he is able to approach and assassinate his target. Disguise and silent ways of neutralizing enemies are some of the techniques used for these purposes.

The series has spawned several novels and a motion picture starring Timothy Olyphant as 47.

Selected Covers

Hitman: Blood Money PlayStation 2 Front Cover
Front cover for Hitman: Blood Money
Hitman: Sniper Challenge Windows Front Cover
Front cover for Hitman: Sniper Challenge

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from Hitman: Blood Money
Game title
Screenshot from Hitman: Sniper Challenge
Main menu
Screenshot from Hitman GO
Main title.
Screenshot from Hitman: Absolution