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The perfect hitman, Agent 47, tries to distance himself from his violent past and becomes a humble church gardener. But he is tricked into returning to his trade when his friend, a priest, gets kidnapped by an Italian mafioso. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is a third-person stealth game. As a titular hitman, you have to complete a number of missions all over the world. Each mission generally involves assassinating someone and possibly fulfilling a couple of other objectives.

Typically, your target will be protected by numerous guards. While there's a large arsenal of weapons available to you - ranging from stealthy weapons such as a garrote or a silenced pistol, up to machine guns and sniper rifles - your main weapon will be stealth. Agent 47 can sneak around to remain undetected, and he can disguise himself in clothes from killed or stunned guards.

The guards aren't completely stupid, however, as they will investigate suspicious noises, and they'll react if they see you waving around a gun. They'll get suspicious if they see you running around, raise alarm upon finding a corpse, and if you hang in a disguise around them too long, they'll eventually realize you're not one of their buddies.

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin brings something new to the series: depending on your stealthiness, you are given a rating upon completing a mission. Going trigger-happy on everyone will result in being called a "Mass Murderer", while only the most patient and skilled players will manage to receive the "Silent Assassin" rating, which generally involves stealthily eliminating the target without raising any suspicion.


  • Hitman 2: Бесшумный убийца - Russian spelling
  • 终极刺客2:沉默杀手 - Simplified Chinese spelling

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Average score: 84% (based on 64 ratings)


Average score: 3.8 out of 5 (based on 142 ratings with 5 reviews)

Ups the ante on first (or third) person sneakers...excellent!

The Good
I never played the first Hitman, having read somewhere that it was an ambitious, though heavily flawed, game. Hitman 2, I can happily report, seems to have fixed the problems that apparently plagued the prequel, because this is an excellent, tightly-woven first (or third) person sneaker.

You play the titular character, also known as Agent 47, who at the start of the game is in seclusion at a monastery in Italy. From there, you become embroiled in a lengthy adventure requiring you to assassinate a variety of shady characters, including mafia bosses, Russian generals and Japanese yakuza.

The beauty of the game is its open-ended design. Although every level has preset objectives that MUST be met, how you meet them is entirely up to you. There are usually many different ways you can hit your target, from stealthy sneaking to Full Metal Jacket-style firefights. Your performance is rated at the end of each mission, letting you know what the game thinks of your style. On one mission, for example, you have to guide 47 to a tunnel entrance. Between you and your objective lies a huge, snowy field, dotted with trees and numerous ninja guards with itchy trigger fingers. Should this prove too daunting, climb down an access ladder into the subterranean transport tunnel, which can take you to your objective...if you can bypass the guards and checkpoints, that is. I died numerous times trying to navigate aboveground. Finding this unrewarding, I sent 47 down in the tunnel and reached the end point, but only after slaughtering numerous ninjas in a hail of automatic gunfire. The game called me a "mass murderer." Humph. Not satisfied, I reloaded the level, took a more stealthy approach, and wound up as a "shadow." Not too shabby, I thought.

Another bright spot in Hitman 2 is the AI, which is usually so disappointing in these games (Metal Gear Solid 2 immediately springs to mind). The guards in this game, while usually predictable, are no dummies. They'll spot you from a long distance, especially if you aren't disguised, and they'll do their damnedest to plug a few new holes in you. For that reason, you have to carefully plan out your route to your target.

You can go about your business in either first- or third-person view, which I appreciated. Additionally, the weapons and items selection is diverse and interesting, and the game always seems to throw a new toy or two at you in each new mission. Finally, I liked the fact that Italians speak Italian, Japanese speak Japanese, and so on. This breaks the cycle of ridiculous cultural imperialism that usually plagues electronic entertainment.

The Bad
If you choose to play on "professional" difficulty, be prepared for a REALLY difficult game. Patient (and skilled) players will count this as an asset, however, as it provides for a very rewarding experience when you finally complete a level.

The Bottom Line
Take Metal Gear Solid 2, throw out the whiny protagonist and stupid plot, mix in creamy deliciousness and pepper with nearly insane difficulty and you get Hitman 2.

PlayStation 2 · by Lucas Schippers (57) · 2003

A really fun and exciting game, but with a few very annoying flaws.

The Good
You begin the game in a monistary in an attempt to redeem yourself of your sins from the first game. The acting and in-game cinemetography are really great, and quite convincing that Mr. 47 truly wishes to change his ways. The first level provides a good tutorial to begin, as well.

The gameplay has only been improved since the first game. It's essentially the same as it was before, but better. Disguises are a lot more logical this time around - throwing a cap on your head and a jacket over your back isn't going to convince the bad guys you're part of the family. There is a LOT of freedom to do your job how you want to.

Almost every level has three or more ways to complete the mission without raising a ruckus. The freedom to choose your path in the level is really great. Need to get accross a well-guarded area? Try and secretly kill a guard and steal his clothes. Or knock out the power and try and make it to the other side in the dark. Or crawl through the mucky sewers and hope you make it out in a better place. OR...just take out your ballers and blow everyone away. The choice is yours.

On normal difficulty, you're allowed seven saves. This is a much better feature than the first game's "two deaths" thing.

My favorite part of the game is undoubtedly the way the bodies interact with objects. Unlike...every other 3D game, gravity and objects affect the bodies. You're not going to find a guy just hanging out in mid-air because a pixel from the cliff is touching his foot. If you drag a guy too close to an edge and he slips off, you'll lose your grip and he'll fall. If too much of his body is hanging over the slide, he'll slowly slide off. It's the most realistic thing I've seen in a game.

No more having to purchase equipment before every mission. You carry your weapons along with you between missions, picking up what you can find.

In Hitman 1, you assassinated only about six people out of around twelve levels. In Hitman 2, you assassinate someone in every single level of the game, except for one, I think. Huzzah!

Your actions affect your rating. It ranges from "Silent Assassin", which is hard, to "Mass Murderer", which is, well, needless to say, messy. You don't have to kill anyone but the target in any level, but it's extremely difficult to do so.

I tried to go for the more stealthy ratings, but I wasn't able to get "Silent Assassin" on any levels, though I came close on one. It was fun to go back and replay levels - only this time around, blow everyone away!

The Bad
Most of the time, disguises are too useless. Now, I can understand that posing as a guard isn't going to get you very far, especially if the guards all know each other. But, say on one particular level where there are a bunch of bald guys in robes. I don't care if you've lived with these bald-headed cult members all your life, you're not going to be able to spot a phony fifty yards away when he looks exactly like you. Also, there are some levels where the guards are just damn psychic. I was wearing a completely-concealing disguise, covering my body and my face, and somehow the guards all knew I was a fake.

You can't run anywhere, especially not while disguised. The Russian soldiers seem to have a very strict "no running" policy. If you run, you die, simple as that. I can see how if you go running down the hallway with a gun in your hand, the guards might be suspicious. But if they saw you on the other side of the street running, why would their first instinct be "OPEN FIRE!!!!" ?

Your ballers are uh...rediculously powerful. Two simultanious shots at close range will, literally, send the enemy soaring. This is fun when you just want to go blasting everyone away, but when you want to play a realistic assassination game, it's just silly. I remember one incident, where I wanted to assassinate my target from the top of a tower. I crept up to the top silently, and decided to kill the sniper up there. I foolishly took out my ballers and fired. The guy flew right out the tower, landed in the middle of the guard's patrol route and quickly alerted them of my presense. It was humerous, but annoying.

Some friends of mine claimed to experience desktop-crashes quite often in the game. In my entire time, I've experienced maybe three or four. That's not much for me...but maybe I'm lucky.

The fiber wire is almost completely useless in nonlinear missions. You can only use it right if you sneak up on enemies, but the only times you're ever able to correctly sneak up on an enemy is if you're meant to. Like, if the target is taking a piss or something. Any other guard has patrol routes or will see you.

I don't like how Mr. 47 is a friggin invincible God most of the time. There most guys go down in one or two hits, Mr. 47 can take a damn tank shell at close range without flinching. Raising the difficulty might fix this, but it also reduces your save games greatly, which, I think is too much a sacrifice to balance the gameplay.

In the last level, you have only your fiber wire to start with. What gives? It's the hardest level in the game, for Pete's sake! And haven't I seen this level/situation somewhere before...?

The music used in the commercials is done by a really dumb band. Heh.

The Bottom Line
Definitely worth buying. It's fun to play "Silent Assassin", and it's fun to go on a mass-murder spree. But there are some bugs in it that really need to be addressed.

Windows · by kbmb (416) · 2002

Wow, it's the PERFECT game!

The Good
I loved everything about this game, but most of all, I loved the realism and the way that Hitman interacts with the world. For example, if you brush past a tree, the tree will play actually brush past hitman, not go through him. Also, I loved Hitman's head tilt while he's walking! It looks so real!

The Bad
It crashes every once in a while. Also, it's too expensive. Thats about it.

The Bottom Line
This game is a must buy!

Windows · by James1 (240) · 2002

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1001 Video Games

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.


The TV ads were made by the developers, not by an agency.


On the CD, you will find some goodies: The Hitman 3D Studio Max model, some early screenshots of the game, which are quite humourus, and some wallpapers.


  • In the Shogun Showdown mission, there's a big security workstation on the castle's 3rd floor that monitors the entire stage. On its main screen however, you can see a screenshot of IO's upcoming (at the time anyway) Freedom Fighters! Though if you look carefully (use 1st person view = F1) you can see a few changes in the interface, such as a radar screen added next to the health bars.
  • In the "Jacuzzi Job" mission check out what's on top the small counter in the bedroom... That's right! It's a Dopefish spring-toy! And for further Id related sightings check out the monitors in the previous "Graveyard Shift" mission: most of them are playing Quake III: Arena. Even the sysadm!
  • At the very beginning of the "Graveyard Shift" mission, you can see a video camera pointed at a coffee pot. The camera plays a part in one of the in-game puzzles in that mission. What you might be wondering is why anyone would dedicate a video camera just to watch over a pot of coffee. It's possible the coffee pot camera is a homage to this.
  • On the mission "Shogun Showdown", 47 enters a room with a lot of monitors and a big red button to press. In this same room, there is a bookcase. Looking on the titles of the books, you can find one titled "Vamos Arregaçar". This is Brazilian slang for something like "Let's kick some ass!". It looks like they had a Brazilian guy in the development team...
  • In the first St. Petersburg mission, there is a building called "Zaitsev Building". It was obviously named after the famous soviet sniper Vasily Zaitsev (immortalised in the movie Enemy at the Gates). Quite fitting, if you think about progress of the misson.

Sergei Zavorotko

The game's main villain, Russian arms dealer Sergei Zavorotko, bears a remarkable resemblance to a character in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Eraser movie that introduced us to the joys of railguns.

That character, also named Sergei, was also a Russian arms dealer and a secondary villain who showed up at the end of the film. Both he and the Sergei from Hitman have surprisingly similar appearances. Both have shoulder length hair, a thick moustache, and both wear wool turtlenecks under a red leather coat.

The Sergei from Hitman is balding on top, while the Sergei from Eraser isn't, but otherwise the two characters look almost exactly the same. It's possible the character design for the Hitman Sergei was inspired by the character from the Eraser movie.

Information also contributed by Alan Chan, Carlos Aquino, James1, SGruber and Zovni

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