X: Beyond the Frontier universe

Group Description

The X-Universe, created by Egosoft and encompassing video games, novels, and other materials, is a fictional sci-fi world set in various space sectors. The background story involves construction of jumpgates in the 21st century and subsequent colonization of space by humans. The plot also deals with the conflict between the humans and the sentient machines who were sent by them to terraform planets, as well as various alien civilizations existing in the galaxy.

The game series opens with X: Beyond the Frontier (1999), and combines space combat simulation with exploration and space trading, in the tradition of Elite.

Selected Covers

X2/X3 Pack Windows Front Cover
Front cover for X2/X3 Pack
X²: The Threat Windows Front Cover
Front cover for X²: The Threat
X-Tension Windows Front Cover
Front cover for X-Tension

Selected Screenshots

Main Menu
Screenshot from X²: The Threat
Cockpit view approaching a factory
Screenshot from X-Tension
Main menu
Screenshot from X: Beyond the Frontier
Main Menu
Screenshot from X³: Terran Conflict
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