Resident Evil: Gaiden Credits (Game Boy Color)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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5 point score based on user ratings.

Resident Evil: Gaiden Credits


AdvisorShinji Mikami
Scenario And PlanningHiroki Kato

M4 Ltd.

Game Engine ProgrammerJames Cox
Lead ProgrammerKieron Wheeler
Support ProgrammerOdin Phillips
Lead ArtistStefan Barnett
Background ArtistBruce Silverstone
Presentation ArtistMark Brown
ArtistElliot Curtis
MusicianShahid Ahmad
Game DesignerTim Hull
Executive ProducerTim Hull, James Cox
Special ThanksMarvin Hill

Virgin Interactive

ProducerSarah Thompson
Head Of Q.A.Steven Frazer
Lead TesterRobert Marsh
TestersJohn Sylvester, Roy Gay
MarketingAllison Grant
P.R. ManagerJon Brooke
Product ManagerBarney York
Localisation ManagerHarald Simon


French LocalisationAround The Word
German LocalisationEffective Media
Italian LocalisationProject Synthesis
Spanish LocalisationPink Noise
Special ThanksShinsaku Ohara, Tetsuro Oyama, Ken Tanaka

Manual and Marketing

ManualHanshaw Ink & Image
MarketingTodd Thorson, Sean Mylett, Bonnie Scott, Robert Johnson, Nathan Williams
Creative ServicesJennifer Deauville, Marion Clifford
Package DesignMichiko Morita Wang, Jamie Gibson
Public RelationsMelinda Mongelluzzo, Matt Atwood, Carrie Root
Special ThanksWilliam Gardner, Robert Lindsey, Customer Service

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