Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X

aka: Biohazard: Code: Veronica Complete, Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X HD
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This is the same as the original Resident Evil: Code: Veronica for Dreamcast, with new cut-scenes that were not included in the original. Also, Steve got a haircut.

The game is otherwise almost the same, you still take control of Claire Redfield and Chris Redfield, who are searching for each other, while uncovering the secrets behind the Umbrella Corporation.


  • バイオハザード コード:ベロニカ完全版 - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 76% (based on 38 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 124 ratings with 4 reviews)


The Good
First of all, here's anothe cliché that fits like glued to this game, "I haven't played such an awesome game for some time!". This definitely levels up Resident Evil™ series in both quality, extention and revelation of a story, voice acting (no, I'm not kidding, I find it great, even the giggling parts) soundtrack and duh, the graphic. I lack the knowledge of the original (but not for long) and haven't played RE3, but after finishing Resident Evil 2, I can clearly say that this is the continuation to the very sole ending of RE2. I must say that ever since I've known about the name of Resident Evil, I was the last person to walk this plaent who'd ever like any of the games from the series. But as a fan of horror-survival genre, it was only logical step that I get myself one of those games no matter what. Hence, RE2 changed my perspective on the series completely. And after finishing CODE: Veronica X, whow, I find RE series most definitely as one among the best out there.

So, what's to like, let's see... first, you play with Claire (as in WOMAN - who doesn't like that ;) Redfield who is searching for her brother. Unfortunately, she found a place in a prison cell on an isolated island under the control of none other but the Umbrella Corporation. Unaware of what is happening as she listens to various explosions on the surface above her, she sees a silhouette of a man approaching the cell. And as it is a trademark of RE characters, they all have lighter in their pocket. So that's the way the game opens. It is needless to say that after you've finished it once, you get more selection opened, including playing Battle Mode from both 3rd or 1st-person perspective mode. The story is so immersing (okay, at the start it's trying to be much more scary and less interesting, but soon afterwards you get tons of mysteries for which you cannot wait to see how they will end) that there's a very slim chance you'll postpone finishing this game entirely for some other time, and will probably play it like whole week with only 2-3 hours for sleep (you can use your gamepad as a fork while eating, though) until you won't start to resemble those who you fear in the game.

Strangely enough, music is very noticeable in this game, especially nice piano melodies or in action sequences. Much emphasis on the music have I only seen in Parasite Eve of the same genre, and the ending boss battle kinda resemble to Parasite Eve. Still, these are two very fine games to say the least. Control are... well, let's just say not as close as being dynamic as in Devil May Cry, which may not be as good as you'd probably like to jump whenever and bounce form the wall in another direction, but still, they are kept on the 'slow' level of a standard controls for horror-survival game. Graphic quality is something simply superb, from the great cinematics, to ingame cinematics which are just as great. I love MGS2, but I find graphics in Veronica to be of as much a high level quality. Well, just a little bit under. And to save the best for the last, just when you think you had your final boss battle and the game's credits will come, gues what? You're not even on one third of the game, literally. I guess I just expected something like 3-5 hours gameplay like in RE2, but no, there is at least 15 hours of gameplay and varietly of rooms, places, and characters is really astonishing. It is an A+ for sure.

The Bad
You must save on your ammo for the boss fights to come. That is not something which everybody may like, especially since that can mean you can stuck if you face some boss with pretty low stock of ammo. That can only mean one thing - reload who knows how far back. It was a neat option in RE2 as you could play Japanese version of a game in which you had unlimited ammo and already started the game with some powerful weapons. Yeahoow!

The Bottom Line
Stay away from the Resident Evil movie and get this game - and that is the final! It will give you more then you could expect from such a simple game... which turns out to be quite big and challenging.

PlayStation 2 · by MAT (241141) · 2012

Going in Circles

The Good
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X is a pretty deep adventure game. The best part being is that there is no shortage of stuff to do or places to explore. The game heavily encourages you to step outside your normal zone of thinking in order to figure out how to get from one part to the next. Often times the solution to a puzzle involves more then pulling switches or box pushing (although both exist in the game) and the game can really challenge your brain.

Veronica X tells a pretty unique story and you don't really have to play the previous Resident Evils to get a kick out of it. The characters are a very unique bag and they all are very interesting to look at (Claire Redfield looks especially beautiful). The game does a pretty good job telling a story with the few characters it uses and really gives you that "you're all alone and nobody can help you" kind of feel, which is probably what this game was going for (since it is survival horror).

Finally, while the graphics are falling behind the times, they are still really... uh... graphic. Blood covers nearly every wall while bits of zombie are scatter everywhere, but it is done subtly enough for you to not expect anything will go wrong. The zombies and bosses are still gross and scary enough to make you feel uncomfortable playing this game after midnight in dark house. And the sound (though brief) is very haunting, and again, will really be harmful to sleeping patterns if played after midnight.

The Bad
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X features a lot, and I mean A LOT of backtracking (meaning going to previous locations in the game to further the game along). Several times I would not know if I was making progress or if I was just doing stuff for the heck of it. Many times I would have to go several places just find the one item I needed to unlock a door. For every one thing you need to do there are 50 other things you have to do first and without any objective list or any type of lead to go on the game just becomes a mindless wanderer. Often times I felt like I was in a giant box, having to go constantly back and forth between locations and feeling like I was going nowhere (those who are frustration prone will be quick to get a walk through, and by then the game starts to become boring- even Capcom put a 900 number hot line right on the disk itself).

The zombies themselves can start to become very annoying (although still pretty scary at the same time). Since Claire can only aim at the floor, middle, or at the sky, hitting a zombie in the head is next impossible (which is supposed to be the best way to kill them). Since head shots are extremely hard to pull off, Claire has to waste nearly all bullets in her inventory to finish off one zombie and since zombies always attack in groups, this can lead to really bad spots.

Often times the game uses past mistakes to screw players over. Not knowing weather or not to keep guns or conserve ammo will lead to some really frustrating moments and since the only other weapon that doesn't use ammo (the knife) doesn't kill zombies you will become more angry then scared. Health is also a rare item although it isn't as important since most basic enemies don't do a ton of damage but when you desperately need it is when it's least available. And since Claire can only hold a limited number of items (ever heard of a backpack Ms. Redfield?) it makes it even harder to determine what items are important or not. And while the controls are tank-like and a little slow they will start to wear on you pretty quickly.

The Bottom Line
Though graphically appealing, interesting to watch, and a few times scary, Code Veronica X is strictly for the most hardcore gamers who can think 5 counties outside the box and are able to put up with loads of backtracking.

While walkthroughs are available, they just make the game boring and dull and take the control right out of your hands.

PlayStation 2 · by Lawnmower Man (137) · 2008

HD Re-release

The Good
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, in my opinion, is one of the best entries in the Resident Evil series. Even with the original RE Code: Veronica on the Dreamcast, I still thought highly of this game. I've bought this game about a total of four times now. I bought my first copy back in 2000 for my Dreamcast, then a year later I had gone back to buy the newer, slightly remixed copy for my PlayStation 2 (Code: Veronica X), six years later I would buy it once again in the Essentials box set (again for my PlayStation 2), and now I've just bought the most recent HD re-release from the PSN store. Before I go on any further, I just want to let you know that this review is for the HD release - not for 'Code Veronica: X' itself. I wasn't surprised to find that not much else has changed from previous console releases. However I must admit that Code: Veronica X looks a bit smoother in its new HD presentation, but its age is still very visible within some points in the game - but what else is to be expected from a video game from 2000/2001? It seems that only the gameplay itself has been remastered in 720p HD - I'll elaborate on this in the 'bad' section. The colors are deeper and darker in this new HD release. When compared to the older PS2 release, Code: Veronica X looks much less saturated in this new release. Skin tones look a bit lighter in the HD version, but I see this as an improvement as I believe all of the characters looked a bit pink in earlier versions. The audio seems to be more or less remastered, I really can't tell. It does sound good, though, which is why I'll leave this in the 'good' section. As far as I can tell, nothing new has been changed too much in this HD release, with the exception of one very annoying modification - which I'll again elaborate in the 'bad' section.

The Bad
As I said earlier, this re-release looks like they only remastered the gameplay itself. FMVs - not in-game cut scenes - are bombarded with pixels in what appears to be SD. Again, I understand this game is from 2000/2001, but I just cannot help and wonder why Capcom didn't try to remaster these scenes. Perhaps these FMVs really are remastered and this is the best that they will look, but I hardly doubt that. These scenes may even be too old to look good in high definition anyway. That one modification I mentioned above applies to one small part of the game - the Tyrant battle within the Cargo plane. It is no longer possible to run past the Tyrant without being attacked or killed. He swoops his arm over you once you get too near him. This new modification can be extremely tedious if you've not got any ammo left to progress past this bit in the game. As seen on various video websites, you will see that it was possible to beat the Tyrant by means of the knife or by running around him and activating the catapult several times in the older releases of Code: Veronica X. In fact I made this mistake myself and had to begin the entire game all over again! Very annoying, so please be aware of that.

The Bottom Line
Other than that, I'm very pleased with this newly remastered version of Code: Veronica X. It's not like this game is in stunning HD, but I do believe that this is the best Code: Veronica X will ever look. The $19.99 price tag in the PSN store was a bit of a repellent, seeing as I could buy a brand new PS2 release on for $8. Though if you like both this entry and RE4, then you could buy the HD bundle in the PSN store for $24.99, which is better than buying them for $20 each. Anyway, sorry, so all in all I definitely recommend buying this version if you enjoy this game as much as I do. I guess my only complaint (or wish) would be an actual physical release of this HD version to go along with all of my other HD remastered games like the Hitman series and DOOM 3.

PlayStation 3 · by blancmange (52) · 2014

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Cut content (Spoiler!)

Reportedly, Leon Kennedy was originally going to make an appearance, only to be killed at some point in the game. Ultimately, this decision was scrapped due to Leon's popularity, and the ill-fated role was written for a new character, Steve Burnside. This explains why Leon and Steve are so similar in appearance.

German index

On March 29, 2003, Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X (PS2) was put on the infamous German index by the BPjS. For more information about what this means and to see a list of games sharing the same fate, take a look here: BPjS/BPjM indexed games.

German PS2 version

An anecdote written by phlux:

Electronic Arts made quite a fuss about releasing the PS2 version of this game in Germany. It was released one or two days before the WTC disaster occurred. We got our ordered number of games and sold them rather quickly. When I wanted to get some more, I was told that "EA doesn't support violence in games any more because they are an US company blah blah" and they wouldn't sell Veronica X any longer and I should tell my customers about it. I did and told everyone who wanted to buy the game that it was discontinued. No store carried it for a while. Then, some weeks had passed, the game re-appeared in stores

References to the game

In the second RE movie known as Resident Evil: Apocalypse not too far from the ending, Alice (Milla Jovovich) pulls out the running scene as one of the Umbrella Corp's choppers shoots after her and shatters the glass behind her, while displaying her on a targeting monitor. As she escapes and jumps to safety, she is surprised by more guards. She drops her gun just about to surrender, but then falls down, grabs the gun and shoots all three of them. This entire scene is made after the intro of Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X game, with exception that Claire shot at the explosive behind the soldiers and didn't just mow them down with her gun.


According to publisher Capcom, Resident Evil: Code: Veronica X has sold 1.4 million copies worldwide since its initial release (as of June 30, 2016).


  • Game Informer Magazine
    • August 2001 (Issue 100).- voted #69 in the Top 100 Games of All Time poll

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