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My friends call me "Jack." I'll assume MobyGames contributors are friendly and grant you all permission to address me by that name. :)

I work constantly and play games in the little bit of time left over. Though sometimes it ends up being the other way around...

Platforms I have owned: Apple IIc, several IBM compatible PCs, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Sega Master System, NES, Genesis, SNES, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, XBox, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP.

Game genres I enjoy include: turn-based strategy, hex-grid wargames, RPGs, Sierra/LucasArts-type adventures, first-person shooters, football/basketball/baseball games, 2D platformers, shmups, and other classic arcade games. I also like simulators but find them a bit too time-consuming and expensive (what with the peripherals and all) to play them much. Genres I care less for include real-time strategy, Myst-type adventures, fighting games, 3D platformers, MMOs, MOBAs, and anything else that is too weird or too Japanese. ;)

Addendum #1: "Card" games, such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, etc., don't really appeal to me, so I am the last person on Earth you should talk to about them. I also avoid "extreme" sports titles like the plague--though Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball has tempted me to make an exception to the rule...

Addendum #2: Reviews are no good if you don't have the same tastes as the reviewer. So what does this reviewer really like? My (current) Top Ten All-Time Favorites, off the top of my head:

  1. Civilization
  2. Pirates!
  3. Master of Orion
    [tie] X-Com: UFO Defense
  4. Fallout
  5. Genghis Khan
  6. Defender of the Crown
  7. Ancient Art of War
  8. SimCity
  9. Quest for Glory

Honorable mentions: Ancient Art of War at Sea, Crusader: No Remorse, Diablo, DOOM, Dragonsphere, Empire Deluxe, Panzer General, NBA Live 96, Tecmo Super Bowl, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Contra, Castlevania (whole series), Galaga, Asteroids, Defender, Zaxxon, Joust, Choplifter, Lode Runner, Paperboy, Tetris, Double Dragon, Soul Calibur, Bejeweled, Bookworm, Peggle.

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