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Boeder Software GmbH


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16 Games Released (1992 - 1994)

25 Jahre Mondlandung: Die Apollo-Missionen (1994 on Windows 3.x)
Genloc (1994 on Commodore 64)
Turbo Speedway (1994 on Windows 3.x)
Warlife (1994 on DOS)
Duke Nukem II (1993 on DOS, Windows, Macintosh...)
Alien Carnage (1993 on DOS, Windows, Macintosh)
Monster Bash (1993 on DOS, Windows, Linux...)
Cyberzerk (1993 on Amiga)
Dimo's Quest (1993 on DOS, CD-i, Amiga)
Osiris (1993 on DOS, Amiga)
Time Lock (1993 on Amiga)
Subtrade: Return to Irata (1992 on DOS, Amiga)
Fritz Deluxe (1992 on DOS)
Boston Bomb Club (1991 on DOS, Amiga, Atari ST)
Crystals of Arborea (1990 on DOS, Amiga, Atari ST)
StarBlade (1990 on DOS, Amiga, Atari ST)

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Company location (ca 1992):

Boeder Software GmbH

Postfach 1368

65434 Fl├Ârsheim/Main


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