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SDJ Enterprises, Inc.

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A small outfit consisting of Steven D. Jones, a public domain programmer responsible for the old shareware game Dracula in London (and possibly several pieces of educational software as well).

Credited on 5 Games from 1988 to 1995

The Big Three (1995 on Windows 3.x)
War: CD-ROM Power Pack (1995 on DOS)
Dracula in London (1993 on Windows 3.x)
The Big Three (1989 on DOS)
Dracula in London (1988 on DOS)

Trivia +

If you're curious about the company's curious name, you need look no further than the chief developer's initials, Steven D. Jones.

Address and Contact Details (1989)

SDJ Enterprises, Inc.

1551 Fawn Valley Dr.

St. Louis

Missouri 63131

United States of America

Call (314) 966-5602.


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