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index+ (called simply Index at first) was a pioneer in European multimedia publishing and became one of the premier publishers of consumer games in international markets.

Founded in 1992 by Emmanuel Olivier, the company began with the development and production of interactive programs. In 1994 the company developed the user interface, developed and designed the CD-Rom Le Louvre, Paintings and Palace.

In 1995 index merged with the multimedia production company Artcad, created by Vincent Berlioz and Jacques Simian. Vincent Berlioz took over management of index while Jacques Simian took responsibility for editorial content, alongside Edouard Lussan. In 1996 Index made a strategic move into publishing its own interactive programs.

In 1997 index+ released games targeting consumers in all international markets. Crusader: Adventure Out of Time, the first game published by index+, was also the first title co-produced with France Telecom Multimedia Edition.

All the games published by index have been among the top 100 sellers in the French market which account for 50 percent of aggregate sales in this market. Between 1998 and 1999 Index climbed from 42nd to 18th place in the ranking of entertainment CD-Rom publishers, achieving revenues of around 35 million francs in 1999.

Many consider the game Dracula: The Resurrection, which sold over 200,000 copies, to be index+'s biggest success.

In September of 2000, the company merged with France Telecom Multimedia Edition to form the new company Wanadoo Edition.

Credited on 17 Games from 1994 to 2001

Necronomicon: The Gateway to Beyond (2001 on Windows, PlayStation)
The Messenger (2000 on Windows, PlayStation, Macintosh...)
Dracula: The Last Sanctuary (2000 on Windows, PlayStation, Macintosh...)
Monet: The Mystery of the Orangery (2000 on Windows)
Dracula: The Resurrection (1999 on Windows, PlayStation, Macintosh...)
Croisades: Edition 2000 (1999 on Windows, Macintosh)
Paris 1313: The Mystery of Notre-Dame Cathedral (1999 on Windows, Macintosh)
Delacroix: Génie de la couleur (1998 on Windows 3.x, Windows, Macintosh)
Milo Manara: Il gioco del Kamasutra (1998 on Windows, Macintosh)
Mission Sunlight (1998 on Windows)
Vikings (1998 on Windows, Macintosh)
Au Pays de Vocabulon (1997 on Windows, Macintosh)
Crusader: Adventure Out of Time (1997 on Windows, Windows 3.x, Macintosh)
The Interactive Adventures of Blake and Mortimer: The Time Trap (1997 on Windows, Macintosh, Windows 3.x)
Opera Fatal (1996 on Windows, Macintosh, Windows 3.x)
Opération Teddy Bear (1996 on Windows, Windows 3.x, Macintosh)
World Cup Soccer 1930-1994 (1994 on Macintosh, Windows 3.x)

History +

September 14, 2000

index+ merged with France Telecom to form Wanadoo Edition


The multimedia production company Artcad merges into index+.


Company founded.

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