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Fourth Dimension, The

Also Known As +

  • Impact Software (from 1988 to 1989)
  • Impact Posters (from 1987 to 1988)

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The Fourth Dimension was a British software publisher active in the late eighties / early nighties. They specialized in games for Acorn computers; BBC Micro, Electron and Archimedes.

17 Games Released (1988 - 1992)

Galactic Dan (1992 on Acorn 32-bit)
E-Type Compendium (1991 on Acorn 32-bit)
Enter the Realm (1991 on Acorn 32-bit)
Pandora's Box (1991 on Acorn 32-bit)
Q-Master (1991 on BBC Micro)
Apocalypse (1990 on Acorn 32-bit)
Inertia (1990 on Electron, BBC Micro, Acorn 32-bit)
Nevryon (1990 on BBC Micro)
Nevryon (1990 on Acorn 32-bit)
Arcade Soccer (1989 on Electron, BBC Micro)
E-Type (1989 on Acorn 32-bit, BBC Micro, Electron)
E-Type Designer (1989 on Acorn 32-bit)
E-Type: Extra 100 Miles (1989 on Acorn 32-bit)
White Magic (1989 on Electron, Acorn 32-bit, BBC Micro)
White Magic 2 (1989 on Electron, BBC Micro)
Repton Thru Time (1988 on Electron, BBC Micro)
Zenon (1988 on BBC Micro, Electron)

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