Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc.

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  • Asmik Corporation (from 1985 to 1998)


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Credited on 48 Games from 1988 to 2004

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Tenshō Gakuen Gensōroku (2004 on PlayStation 2)
Lethal Skies II (2003 on PlayStation 2)
Lethal Skies: Elite Pilot: Team SW (2001 on PlayStation 2)
Dokapon: Monster Hunter (2001 on Game Boy Advance)
WWF No Mercy (2000 on Nintendo 64)
Nemu Lu Mayu (2000 on PlayStation)
The Ring: Terror's Realm (2000 on Dreamcast)
OH NO! (2000 on PlayStation)
Vanark (1999 on PlayStation)
LSD: Dream Emulator (1998 on PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PSP)
WCW vs. the World (1997 on PlayStation)
World Evolution Soccer (1997 on SEGA Saturn)
Derby Jockey R (1997 on PlayStation)
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime with Paint Maker (1997 on PlayStation)
Lennus II: Fūin no Shito (1996 on SNES)
Bogey: Dead 6 (1996 on PlayStation)
Hōma Hunter Lime: Perfect Collection (1995 on SEGA Saturn)
Hōma Hunter Lime: Special Collection Vol. 2 (1995 on PlayStation)
Uchū Seibutsu Flopon-kun P! (1995 on PlayStation)
Hōma Hunter Lime: Special Collection Vol. 1 (1994 on PlayStation)

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History +


Asmik Corporation and Ace Pictures merged to become Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc. Financed by Sumitomo Corporation and Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.


Co-Established ACE Pictures with Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.


Sumitomo Cororation established Asmik Corporation with its partners to produce various software.

Trivia +

The name Asmik comes from its three founding companies: Ask, SuMItomo, Kôdansha.

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