Megaware Multimedia B.V.

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Megaware Multimedia B.V. was a software publisher based in the Netherlands. The company started in 2000 and ran until 2005 mainly selling budget priced casual games business-to-business via trade shows such as Milia in Cannes, Medpi in Monaco, and E3 in Las Vegas.

The company initially started out selling games in their MegaHits range, but in 2002 they expanded the range and renamed it PC-GAMEHITS. These games sold from counter and floor displays in non-traditional gaming retail environments such as small shops and stores.

In 2004 Megaware launched an on-line website,, that sold games directly via download. ran from early 2004 until late 2005 when the site redirected viewers to its replacement which started in late 2005 and closed down mid 2007.


Credited on 19 Games from 1995 to 2005

Alien Logic (2004 on Windows)
Power Surge (2004 on Windows)
Lookz (2003 on Windows)
Scooter Pro (2003 on Windows)
40 PC Games: Mega Game Box (2002 on Windows)
Fur Puppies (2002 on Windows)
Magic Builder (2002 on Windows)
Pickman Saves The Kingdom (2002 on Windows)
Spike the Hedgehog (2002 on Windows)
Up Yours (2002 on Windows)
Kombat Kars (2001 on Windows)
Crazy Minigolf (2001 on Windows)
Perfect! Pool (2001 on Windows)
3D Armada (2000 on Windows)
CompuChess (2000 on Windows)
Mega Pinball (2000 on Windows)
Swarm Assault (1999 on Windows)
Sleepwalker (1999 on Windows)
Bureau 13 (1995 on DOS, Windows 3.x)

History +

October 11th, 2005

The company goes bankrupt.

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Megaware Multimedia B.V. - Europe (2001)

Megaware Multimedia B.V.

Gouderakstraat 28a.

NL-3079 DB Rotterdam.

The Netherlands

Mail address:

P.O. box 38

NL-2990 AA Barendrecht

The Netherlands

E-mail address: information: [email protected]

Sales: [email protected]

Support: [email protected]

Contact Address - USA (2001)

Megaware USA

  1. East Ocean Blvd

Suite 306

Long Beach CA 90802


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