People's Computer Company

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Credited on 74 Games from 1972 to 1979

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Game of Life (1979 on TRS-80)
Random Note Guessing Game (1979 on TI-99/4A)
Bball: A Baseball Simulation (1979 on Mainframe)
Inspector Clew-So (1979 on Commodore PET/CBM, Mainframe)
The Game of Life (1979 on Mainframe)
Slot (1979 on TRS-80)
A Mastermind Player (1979 on SC/MP)
Animal (1979 on Mainframe)
Hangman (1978 on Intel 8080, Heath/Zenith H8/H89)
Phantnum (1978 on Mainframe)
Starwars Hodge (1978 on Mainframe)
Concept Game (1978 on HP Programmable Calculator, TRS-80)
Horses (1978 on Commodore PET/CBM)
The Memory Game (1978 on HP Programmable Calculator, TRS-80)
Concentration (1978 on TRS-80, Intel 8080)
Casino: A Small System Simulator (1978 on Mainframe)
Pong for the PET (1978 on Commodore PET/CBM)
Star Wars (1978 on Mainframe)
Tiny Blackjack (1978 on Intel 8080, TRS-80)
The OZNAKI "Life" (1978 on North Star, Altair 8800, Zilog Z80...)

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