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TOM Productions was a German shareware development team consisting of Christian Männchen (graphics and sound) and Andreas Tofahrn (programming and documentation).

The team was active from 1987 to 1996 and released 8 games in total, most popular among them the Game of ROBOT series of action puzzle games that were among the most popular German shareware games in the late 1980s to early 90s. Distributor Boeder Software nominated the original Game of ROBOT for its Game of the Year 1990 award, and awarded Tofahrn and Männchen the title of Public Domain Authors of the Year 1990 (despite their games not having been released into the public domain).

While 1994's FlipOut was the last game developed by TOM Productions, Andreas Tofahrn kept maintaining the official website, produced Windows ports, and, as of December 2016, registration codes for all TOM games can still be purchased.

Credited on 9 Games from 1986 to 1996

FlipOut (1996 on DOS)
Nicolausi (1995 on DOS)
PC-Bakterien! (1993 on DOS, Windows)
Robot IV: Operation ExtraTax (1993 on DOS)
Robot III: Insel der heiligen Prüfung (1992 on DOS, Windows)
Robot Junior (1991 on DOS)
Robot II: Das Labyrinth im Wald (1990 on DOS)
The Game of Robot (1988 on DOS)
Game of Robot (1986 on DOS)

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