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SCE Studio Liverpool was a development studio of Sony Computer Entertainment located in Liverpool, United Kingdom and part of the SCE Worldwide Studios group. It was formed when Psygnosis became a Sony brand. Psygnosis was acquired by Sony in 1993 to work on the new PlayStation machine, and in 1999 eventually lost the Psygnosis branding to become known as Sony Studio Liverpool. Some of the original developers from the late '80s and early '90s were still employed there.

The studio was known for two major franchises: the Psygnosis/Sony Formula One series and the WipEout series. At the end of August 2012 Sony confirmed the closure of the studio. Its last title was WipEout 2048. Sony said to transfer as many staff as possible between the other studios and the Liverpool facility continued to operate, housing a number of other WWS!E and SCE departments.

In 2012 Firesprite Ltd. was established with a large amount of people previously with SCE Studio Liverpool. In January 2013 four developers formerly with the company launched their development studio Sawfly Studios Ltd.

Credited on 16 Games from 2001 to 2017

WipEout: Omega Collection (2017 on PlayStation 4)
WipEout 2048 (2012 on PS Vita)
WipEout HD: Fury (2009 on PlayStation 3)
WipEout HD (2008 on PlayStation 3)
WipEout Pulse (2007 on PlayStation 2, PSP)
Formula 1: Championship Edition (2007 on PlayStation 3)
Formula One 06 (2006 on PlayStation 2, PSP)
24: The Game (2006 on PlayStation 2)
WipEout Pure: Stealth Edition (2005 on PSP)
Formula One 05 (2005 on PlayStation 2)
WipEout Pure (2005 on PSP)
Formula One 04 (2004 on PlayStation 2)
Formula One 2003 (2003 on PlayStation 2)
Formula One 2002 (2002 on PlayStation 2)
WipEout Fusion (2002 on PlayStation 2)
Formula One 2001 (2001 on PlayStation, PlayStation 2)

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