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Gammafon consists of two major departments. One is music and stories and the other one is multimedia. The business concept of Gammafon is that it should be fun to play, or listen to our products over and over again. That's why we choose authors, stories, actors, sound effects, programmers, musicians, and illustrators with great care. That way, it turns out to be an experience. We create the closeness to the product and the contents that we consider are needed for high quality and long life.

Gammafon is the Swedish market leader of producing and marketing high quality audio entertainment and edutainment on cd-rom. Founded in 1989, Gammafon has been awarded several times for the productions, both audio and multimedia. The major titles about the characters Pettson and Findus are published in co-operation with Bokförlaget Opal, the publisher of the books about Pettson and Findus and the cd-roms have sold more than 500 000 copies, receiving top reviews. Many of the titles have also been localized to other countries through licensing or distribution contracts.


Credited on 7 Games from 1996 to 2007

Emil i Lönneberga (2007 on Windows, Macintosh)
Pippi Långstrump (2007 on Macintosh, Windows)
Pettson & Findus: Spökskrämmarmaskinen (2003 on Windows, Macintosh)
Björnes magasin (2003 on Windows)
Pettson o Findus och mucklornas värld (2002 on Windows, Macintosh)
Pettson o Findus i trädgården (1998 on Windows, Macintosh)
Pettson o Findus i snickarbon (1996 on Windows 3.x, Macintosh)

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October 2002

Gammafon Norway is founded.


Gammafon is founded.

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Company information in 2004:


Box 4161, SE-102 64

Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 8 556 972 70 - Fax: +46 8 556 972 80

CEO: Ewa Tollmar, tel. +46 8 556 972 78

Marketing Contact: Karin Juhlin, tel. +46 8 556 972 82

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