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Shin-Nihon Laser Soft Co., Ltd.

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Laser Soft was a subsidiary of Telenet Japan and Yodobashi founded in October 1988 to focus on games for optical media, especially the PC Engine (TurboGrafx CD). It is known for the Cosmic Fantasy series of games.

In June 1990 the shares by Yodobashi were taken over by Telenet, and in January 1991 Laser Soft was formally merged with Wolf Team. After that the label Laser Soft was kept for further games by Telenet for PC Engine and other systems until about 1992.

Credited on 24 Games from 1989 to 1994

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Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shōnen Densetsu - Gekitō-hen (1994 on TurboGrafx CD)
Cosmic Fantasy 4: Ginga Shōnen Densetsu - Totsunyū-hen (1994 on TurboGrafx CD)
Moonlight Lady (1993 on TurboGrafx CD)
Police Connection (1993 on TurboGrafx CD)
Doomsday Warrior (1992 on SNES, Nintendo Switch)
Cosmic Fantasy 3: Bōken Shōnen Rei (1992 on TurboGrafx CD)
F1 Team Simulation: Project F (1992 on TurboGrafx CD)
Babel (1992 on TurboGrafx CD)
Cosmic Fantasy Stories (1992 on SEGA CD)
Super Valis IV (1992 on SNES, Nintendo Switch)
Psychic Storm (1992 on TurboGrafx CD)
Syd of Valis (1992 on Genesis, Nintendo Switch)
The Sugoroku '92: Nariagari Trendy (1991 on TurboGrafx CD)
Lady Phantom (1991 on TurboGrafx CD)
Valis IV (1991 on TurboGrafx CD, Nintendo Switch)
Cosmic Fantasy 2 (1991 on TurboGrafx CD, Nintendo Switch)
Avenger (1990 on TurboGrafx CD)
Valis III (1990 on Genesis, TurboGrafx CD, Antstream...)
Faerie Dust Story: Meikyū no Elfeane (1990 on TurboGrafx CD)
Columns (1990 on Linux, Windows, SNES...)

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History +

January 1991

The company is formally folded back in Telenet Japan.

June 1990

Telenet takes over all stocks in the company from Yodobashi Camera, turning it into a fully owned subsidiary.

October 1988

The company is founded as a joint venture between Telenet Japan and electronics retailer Yodobashi Camera. The objective of the new company is to develop games for optical media, and the first game to be developed is Valis II for the PC Engine CD.


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