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GMX Media


GMX Media is on track to become one of the world's leading publishers and distributors of video games for all consoles (Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega and Sony), personal computers (PCs), and Macintosh hardware, as well as all available interactive platforms. Headquartered in the UK with operations or partners in every major territory in the world.


Massive Assault Collection(2009)
Pacific Storm(2007)
Specnaz: Project Wolf(2006)
Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory(2006)
Ostfront: Decisive Battles in the East(2006)
WWII Online: Blitzkrieg(2005)
Crime Stories: From the Files of Martin Mystère(2005)
Legacy: Dark Shadows(2005)
Will of Steel(2005)
Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise(2005)
Seal of Evil(2004)
Strike Fighters: Gold(2004)
Fair Strike(2004)
Alpha Black Zero: Intrepid Protocol(2004)
Black Mirror, The(2004)
Once Upon a Knight(2004)
Battle Mages(2004)
Combat over Europe(2004)
WWI: The Great War(2004)
Journey to the Center of the Earth(2004)
Prince of Qin(2004)
One Must Fall: Battlegrounds(2004)
Crown of the North / Valhalla Chronicles: Bundle Pack(2004)
8th Wonder of the World(2004)
Forgotten Battles: Aces Campaigns(2004)
D-Day 1944: Invasion Of Europe(2004)
Euro Club Manager 2003-04(2003)
Atlantis Underwater Tycoon(2003)
Massive Assault(2003)
Strategic Command: European Theater(2003)
Napoleon's Battles(2003)
Moon Tycoon(2003)
Cycling Manager 3(2003)
Enigma: Rising Tide(2003)
Runaway: A Road Adventure(2003)
Watchmaker, The(2003)
Eric Young's Squad Assault: West Front / Napoleon's Battles(2003)


Company address (2006):

GMX Media Software Limited
78 York Street
London, England
United Kingdom W1H 1DP

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