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King of the Jungle Ltd.


The company was established in early 1995 with the aim of producing highly playable and innovative arcade games for the console market. There are 3 directors who between them possess over 37 years industry experience with more than 25 titles on multiple formats to their credit, most of them receiving the highest press accolades.

In October 2000 the company was sold to and merged with the successful Swedish developer Unique Development Studios in order to increase stability, create investment opportunities, share technology and resources and enter emergent markets.

The company is independently equipped to handle most aspects of game development across multiple formats including initial concept, game design, management, programming, graphics (3D and 2D), animation, production, sound FX, music and tools.


GrooveRider: Slot Car Thunder(2003)
Championship Manager Quiz(2001)
Galaga: Destination Earth(2000)
Invasion from Beyond(1998)
Agent Armstrong(1997)


The name King of the Jungle was originally destined for an animal beat-em up video game.

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