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Paul Share founded Midas Interactive Entertainment BV in the Netherlands. Share envisioned a publishing company that could compete, and surpass, other budget software publishers. He didn't want to simply republish previously released titles, he wanted his company to offer original titles and sell them inexpensively worldwide. As history shows, Midas has become a worthy contender in the worldwide budget-oriented publishing business.

Two new labels were added to the Midas family in 1998: Reality, with its 1st title Johnny Herbert's Grand Prix Championship 1998, and Arena Games, with Echelon.

In January 1999 the now famous "Pocket Price Games" label was launched as well as compilation labels "2 in 1" and "All in One Packs". Previously concentrating only on PC & Macintosh games, Midas released its first Playstation titles in February 2000.

In 1999 and 2000 subsidiary locations started popping up all over the globe and soon Midas was represented worldwide. It was about this time that all locations were umbrelled under the MiDAS Interactive Entertainment Group name.

A slight reorganization took place in about 2001 when Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd., its UK subsidiary, became the Corporate Headquarters for the group. The UK branch handles Corporate Licensing, Sales and Marketing plus oversees sales in France, Japan and the United States. The Dutch office still functions for the bulk of International sales plus central European manufacturing, warehousing & distribution. So, if a package states "Made in Holland" the game was manufactured and published by this branch.

In 2006 founder Paul Share still actively participated in the financial end for all of Midas, negotiating distribution and license contracts.


Lake Masters Ex(2013)
Robot Warlords(2013)
Rollercoaster World(2013)
Pacific Warriors 2 and WWII: Soldier(2012)
Eternal Quest(2012)
Sniper 2, The(2012)
Deadly Strike(2012)
Seed: Warzone, The(2012)
Ultimate Mind Games(2012)
BCV: Battle Construction Vehicles(2012)
Leaderboard Golf(2012)
Dogfight: Battle for the Pacific(2012)
Snowboard Racer 2(2012)
AH-64 Apache Air Assault(2012)
Steel Dragon EX(2012)
A Train 6(2012)
Mr. Golf(2012)
Golden Age of Racing(2012)
Snowboarding (2011)
Rascal Racers(2011)
All-Star Slammin' D-Ball(2010)
Miracle Space Race(2010)
ATV Racers(2010)
WWII: Battle Over the Pacific(2010)
Realm of the Dead(2006)
Monte Carlo Games Compendium(2002)
Air Ranger: Rescue Helicopter(2002)
Riding Star(2001)
Castrol Honda VTR(2001)
Hopkins FBI / BHunter(2001)
Beauty and the Beast & Tinder Box(2001)
Air Warrior III(2000)
Battle Hunter(2000)
Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon(2000)
Sergei Bubka's Millennium Games(2000)
My Friend Koo(2000)
Vegas Casino(2000)
Chris Kamara's Street Soccer(2000)
Arcade Horse Racing(1999)
Board Games Compendium(1999)
On the Trail of the Whitetail(1999)
Hesperian Wars(1999)
Mary King's Riding Star(1999)
Mission Chameleon(1999)

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Company location and contact information (1999):

Midas Interactive Entertainment BV.
Ekkersrijt 7318
5692 HH Son
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 499 494 700
Fax: +31 (0) 499 476 046
eMail: [email protected]
website: www.gamesarena.com

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