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Unties was an independent publishing label operated by Sony Music Entertainment Japan who focused on publishing indie games by small Japanese development teams. Although they published games across a variety of genres, they had a particular focus on Touhou series fangames and VR software. Unlike Sony's primary interactive divisions, Unties was a multiplatform publisher and released games for Switch and PC alongside PlayStation.

Unties closed sometime in early 2020. Their in-development games, such as Giraffe and Annika, were passed on to other publishers. Although most of their published games remain available under their own name, their Touhou projects were passed on to Phoenixx Inc. who republished them under their own name.


Deemo: Reborn - Egoist Special Selection(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - Rayark Selection Vol.3(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - Cytus Selection Vol.2(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - Mili Collection(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - M2U X Nicode Collection(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - Eshen Chen Collection Vol.1: Transmission(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - Cytus Selection Vol.1(2020)
Deemo: Reborn - Rayark Selection Vol.2(2019)
Deemo: Reborn - Knight Rosabell Collection(2019)
Deemo: Reborn - N.M.S.T. Collection(2019)
Gensou Skydrift(2019)
Deemo: Reborn - Season Pass(2019)
Deemo: Reborn - Rayark Selection Vol.1(2019)
Deemo: Reborn(2019)
Deemo: Reborn - Aioi Collection(2019)
Deemo: Reborn - Knight Iris Collection(2019)
Tokyo Dark(2019)
3rd Eye(2019)
Touhou Genso Wanderer: Lotus Labyrinth(2019)
Gensokyo Defenders Plus(2019)
Giraffe and Annika(2019)
Necrosphere: Deluxe(2019)
Gensokyo Defenders(2018)
Midnight Sanctuary, The(2018)
Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers(2018)
Azure Reflections(2018)
Tiny Metal(2017)


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