Lara Schneider

Developer Biography

Born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Lara's main interests are photography, DJing, art and food culture. Seattle is now her home, where she is constantly drawing upon her daily experiences to push her creative pursuits. Lara's personal intention, is to be able to balance making a living at game art, while maintaining the freedom to hone other creative pursuits.

Lara moved to the United States in 1997, right after completing the Vancouver Film School's classical animation course. Her first experience working in games, was as a 2D animator for KnowWonder (a.k.a. Amaze Entertainment), and then full time at Humongous Entertainment, where she worked for 4 years on popular children's adventure titles such as Pajama Sam, Blue's Clues, and Backyard Baseball.

After major cutbacks in the industry, Humongous Entertainment (then acquired by Atari, Inc.) had to lay off most of it's employee's. For the next 3.5 years, Lara contracted with such companies as Sucker Punch Productions and TeachTown, Inc., the latter of which specializes in online therapy programs for kids with Autism.

Currently, Lara is a full time employee as a games artist at Big Fish Games, a successful online game company located in downtown Seattle, WA.

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