Mogens Skjold Overbeck

Developer Biography

Joined the games industry in 2001, working for Dogfish Entertainment - a small outfit comprised mainly of ex-Bullfroggers, which closed shop 8 months later. Following this, he has worked at Smallrockets (Surrey, UK), Mediamobsters/Sirius Games (Denmark) and Full Fat (Midlands, UK) before partly leaving the games industry to study philosophy. Having finished this stint into academia, he returned to the industry, and is currently the creative director at Digital Out A/S (Denmark)

Game Credits: - Ultra Assault (PC) - Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (PC) - Wakeboarding Unleashed feat. Shaun Murray (GBA) - Gangland (PC) - Lego World Soccer (mobile) - Lego Racers (mobile) - Petey and Jaydee - Go Exploring (mobile) - Ugly Duckling & ME - Ugly Grand Prix (mobile) - Ugly Duckling & ME - Ratso Golf (mobile) - Dolph Spillet (mobile) - Ugly Duckling Racing (mobile) - Terminator: Revenge (mobile)

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