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Bruce A. Artwick

Also Known As

  • Bruce Artwick
  • B. Artwick

Game Credits


Microsoft Flight Simulator (v5.0) (1993)   (Created by)
Sound, Graphics & Aircraft Upgrade for Micros... (1991)   (Design Team)
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v4.0) (1989)   (Designed for Microsoft by)
UFO (1989)   (Program Design)
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v3.0) (1988)   (Design)
Stealth Mission (1988)   (Directed by)
Jet: Version 2.0 (1987)   (Directed by)
Jet (1985)   (Directed by)
Flight Simulator II (1984)   (Concepts)
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v2.0) (1984)   (Developed for Microsoft by)
Flight Simulator (1980)   (By)


Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 (1997)   (Development)
Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 (1996)   (Development)
UFO (1989)   (Program Development)
Jet (1985)   (Program Development)
Flight Simulator II (1984)   (Concepts, system design, simulation, graphics drivers, control panel design, disk overlay structures, documentation, database design, editor system )
Microsoft Flight Simulator (v1.0) (1982)   (Programming)
Night Mission Pinball (1982)   (Author)


UFO (1989)   (UFO & Mothership Design)

Creative Services

UFO (1989)   (Documentation)
Flight Simulator II (1984)   (Documentation)


MicroWINGS Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) Scenery (1995)   (BAO, Ltd. - Especially )
Tower (1995)   (BAO employee's and family:)
Combat Air Patrol (1993)   (Thanks To)

Developer Biography

Bruce Artwick created the company subLOGIC while he was a student in University of Illinois at Champaign back in 1979. He created the first "Flight Simulator" for the then primitive Apple II and Radio Shack TRS-80. Originally it was a graphics demo, but it was well received that he added a real "flight model". Thus Flight Simulator is born.

In 1988, internal dissention between Bruce Artwick and acting mananger caused Bruce to resign and founded his own company, Bruce Artwick Organization (BAO). He also took with him a substantial number of subLOGIC employees. He then went on to create FS4 for Microsoft. BAO later also created scenery and aircraft designer for FS4.

Last updated: Jul 06, 2003

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