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hoeksmas (151068) on 12/1/2023 10:45 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Many times when I'm adding a compilation I want to link directly to the entry for the original game. Unfortunately, sometimes there's several games with the same name. Here are 3 examples I encountered just today:

And don't even get me started on Star Trek variants. Is there an option to link by Moby ID? If not, can we create an option to link by Moby ID.

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Kayburt (32255) on 12/1/2023 12:53 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

I am in agreement. The < moby> tag should have an id field so you can input the exact number and you find yourself to the exact game. Putting a shared game name and specific platform only takes you to the search page instead of the game page. The format should be like this:

< moby game="Lunar Rescue" id="66710">LunarRescue</ moby >

That way you go directly to the 1979 Arcade version of the game instead of getting an ambiguous choices in the search screen.

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Rwolf (22837) on 12/1/2023 12:59 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Yes, extra irritating with compilations, since there you usually only have the included name to go on, no images to help you guess.

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Cantillon (77789) on 12/1/2023 1:28 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

This is possible. In the moby tag, instead of game, use gameid. Same for developerid and companyid.

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hoeksmas (151068) on 12/1/2023 1:33 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Ahh, OK. I did not see that in the Mobygames documentation. Maybe that needs an update.

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MobyReed (325) on 1/17/2024 4:36 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Right you are! Updated that to include ids:

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Gouken (5177) on 12/4/2023 6:39 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Never knew this was possible. Finally a solution :)

Please update the docs with this information.

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Saurin on 2/15/2024 7:44 AM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Thanks for the information!