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About Me:

An oldtimer packrat. (I estimate my collection is about 800 games.)

I started out playing text adventures on mainframes, then got a Sinclair QL for use in 68k assembly programming, switched to the Atari ST, and finally built a IBM-compatible 386 PC.

I got interested in flight simulators when the PC came out, but I found the 386 computer I had didn't quite cope with such things, and got seriously hooked playing EF2000 and EAW on a fresh AMD 486/66 PC. And so the time passes...

Last flew IL-2 series and DCS:Black Shark some time ago, but my current PC (and desk space) is not up to what is needed to fly the current titles, so I stay with simpler stuff for the moment.

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Some of the QL games information I provide is courtesy of Rich Mellor, RWAP Software, with permission.

The RWAP QL Wiki is found at:

RWAP Software is found at: