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MobyReed (323) on 1/29/2024 4:34 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

MobyPro Research


  • Fixed editing credits from other submissions
  • Can now set official site when approving related sites

General Changelog

  • Added search functionality to the critics index
  • Added support for Steam package prices
  • Added support for MSRP on releases
  • Official descriptions (ad blurbs) are now collapsed by default on game overview
  • Updated estimated wait times to show a range
  • Now filtering out unchanged titles/groups in credits editor
  • Improved handling of game searches with "the" in contribution forms
  • Fixed the people leaderboard
  • Fixed select of min player/critic votes in the game browser
  • Fixed ISBN-10 validation
  • Fixed official sites getting removed on submission
  • Fixed links to promo image groups in game submission
  • Misc. other fixes, UI tweaks, polish, backend updates/optimizations

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Emitewiki (413) on 2/2/2024 5:23 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Sooo excited that there were two updates just nine days apart! 😄

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Freeman (64490) on 2/2/2024 7:05 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

"Fixed editing credits from other submissions"

I don't think that this has been fixed, unless it's talking about some other bug. When trying to make changes on the 2nd step (titles, classifications or names) you get the "Credits: The titles is required." error message. See this thread.

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (568745) on 2/9/2024 5:14 PM · edited · Reply · Permalink · Report

Errored out whilst trying to add a relation

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Rwolf (22632) on 2/9/2024 6:21 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Looks like a duplicate add-on listing?

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (568745) on 2/9/2024 6:22 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

It errored out whilst adding the first add-on. It took a while to complete .... then BZZZT!

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Rwolf (22632) on 2/9/2024 6:27 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Does it need investigating, or just removal of the offending relation links? (I guess I can do the latter)

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (568745) on 2/9/2024 6:28 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

yeah remove the links, see if it helps!

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Rwolf (22632) on 2/9/2024 6:32 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Should be a single link relation now. (The actual add-on needs approving still)

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Kam1Kaz3NL77 (568745) on 2/9/2024 6:33 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Yup... Page back online

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MobyReed (323) on 2/9/2024 6:38 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Thanks, fixed.