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Chaoswombat on 12/26/2023 6:36 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Hi All,

Am brand new to accessing Atari games on a modern mac. I recently downloaded the above-mentioned file but don't know which application (or the process) to use to open the 4 files in the zip (-they're each between 7000 & 9000 bytes.). Can anyone provide any guidance? Thanks in advance.


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Rwolf (22823) on 12/26/2023 8:05 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

How to pack/unpack zip archives on Mac:

Not sure what your content is, probably some floppy disk images - these will need some Atari 8-bit emulator like what is referred to here:

Note that some emulators can handle zipped archives directly, with no need to unpack them.

Best place to ask is the site you got the archives from, I think.

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Chaoswombat on 12/27/2023 5:25 PM · Reply · Permalink · Report

Great, thanks so much for the input! I'll have a go at these and see if I can figure it out but I might be back with questions.