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Backstreet Billiards

aka: Carom Shot 2


Backstreet Billiards is one of the most unique and full fledged pool simulations for Playstation. This game offers a wide variety of pool and carom games: 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Rotation, Basic Pool, 141 Continuous, Bowlliards, Cutthroat, 5-9 and One Pocket. Carom games include: 3-Ball, 4-Ball, Free, One Cushion, and Three Cushion. Adding to that are timed, trick shot and practice modes. The most unique aspect of the game though is a story-mode. This mode consists of a adventure game where you play as a character on the search for his father's famous pool cue. The story mode allows you to visit different locations and challenge opponents who get tougher along the way. Hidden items and ability upgrades help you along the way in this RPG like mode. Four player's are supported with or without multitap.


  • キャロムショット2 - Japanese spelling

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Credits (PlayStation version)

24 People

Main programmer
Motion dynamics programmer
3D model & CG movie designer
Character & Object designer
Music composer
SE creater
Executive Producer
Associate Producer
Executive Producer
Product Coordinator
Assistant Coordinator
Production Assistant
Quality Assurance
  • World Billiard Magazine
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  • argent
  • ASCII Entertainment


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  • MobyGames ID: 10264


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