Psychic 5

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Psychic 5 is a 2D action platformer game. It is the prequel to the Famicom game Esper Boukentai. You control one of five Espers, characters with psychic abilities, and have to maneuver through a total of 8 maze-like levels, finding and defeating Satan at the end of each. Players can jump and attack, or slow their descent in mid-air by hovering (holding up). Two Espers are available at the start, with the rest unlocked by finding and breaking Magic Jars. Each Esper has different attributes; for example, the large Bunta is slow, but extremely powerful and very good at pushing open the many doors that block progress throughout the stages. Players can switch between Espers at the start of each level, after beginning a new life or by using phone booths scattered throughout the stages. The enemies are possessed objects like clocks and furniture, as well as a witch named Zara who is perpetually flying across the stage; if defeated, she will grant temporary access to a useful broom power-up.


  • サイキック5 - Japanese spelling


Credits (Arcade version)

8 People

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Sound Effects
© 1987
  • Jaleco

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